Thursday, April 3, 2014

What to Wear: accessorized

I love accessorizing! There is nothing better than putting together the perfect outfit with the perfect scarf, earrings, tights and belt. So today I thought I would highlight some of my favourites of those items. The ones that manage to make it into my wardrobe time and time again.

Let's start with earrings, shall we!?

I adore wooden earrings. I have been collecting them for years and I find myself reaching for them more than any other accessory. The ones pictured in the middle are a pair that I have owned for six or so years, and they are probably my most worn accessory.

Ah tights! I love that colourful tights are an acceptable accessory these days. The days before colourful tights were gloomy ones. For me, there is nothing better than picking out a dress or skirt and then searching through my collection of tights for the perfect pair to wear. I especially love those red ones. They're just so rich! They're the perfect colour for fall.

I am also a huge fan of scarves. I own about 25. They are unruly and take up a whole heck of a lot of space, but I love them. No outfit is complete without a scarf, whether it's dangling from your purse or your neck, it's a must.

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn't mention this amazing belt. I wear this belt ALL the freaking time. I bought it here in Jasper at the same time I bought the floral dress and since then it has become a staple feature in my wardrobe. I hardly go anywhere without it. I even make it a priority to wear it when I go thrift shopping, so I can see how everything looks with a belt!

How do you accessorize? Do you have go-to items that make it into your outfits time and time again?

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Jasper Pride Weekend

Last weekend, Jasper was taken over by rainbows for the fifth annual Jasper Pride Weekend. This year was by far the best one yet. I feel like I can say that with authority since I've attended the last three. Yeah, I guess you could say I'm a champion for this event. I bloody adore it. I get to take photos of the best drag show you'll ever see. I get to mix and mingle with the community and folks who travel in from the surrounding area. I get to dance to the best tunes! And I'm given an excuse to get into costume.

This year the theme was "jungle fun" and Ian immediately came up with the brilliant idea of dressing as a carpenter ant. That guy is just so darn clever... actually, he might be too clever for his own good. Most of the night he received confused stares and comments. No one got it! My costume, on the other hand, was a huge hit. After some thought and a few dreams of dressing as a monkey, I decided to dress as a plant and by the end of the night, I had decided that I was more than a plant, I was the entire jungle!

Well, anyway, here are a few snaps from the drag show! Enjoy.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

What to Wear: favourite caridgan

If you've been following my outfits for awhile, you should know by now that this orange cardigan is by far my favourite. I wear it with everything. Half the time I don't even care if it matches. I just want it on my body at all times. It's super soft. It's bright and cheerful and it has the perfect fit. I truly love everything about it. I'll admit, since I got my yellow cardigan, I have been wearing this one less, but it is still in regular rotation.

Do you have a favourite cardigan? Then why not share it with us and link up below. Wed' love to see it. If you can't make it to this week's What to Wear, you can always join us next time. On April 3, it's What to Wear: accessorized. See you then!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

We know how to party

Who says getting old has to be boring and depressing? In my book, a birthday is something to celebrate, whether you're turning 27 or 62. And a celebration isn't complete without your pals, good food, good drinks and some silly costumes, preferably with moustaches.

Two of my friends celebrated their birthday's last week. They're the two smooshed in the middle of the photo: Sam and Mishelle, and I was tasked with throwing the party. Mishelle had said she wanted it to be just like a kid's party, with loot bags, plastic table clothes, streamers, hats and the whole bit. So, of course, I took that request to heart and had a little fun. And the result was a super fun party that included costume changes! (These photos were taken early on, but once our friend Julie-Anne arrived, dragging with her a tickle trunks worth of goodies, things got even more nutty, with wigs and vests and hats and other silly things rotating their way from one guest to the next.)

What's your ideal birthday celebration? 
I know that Amanada over at Little Lady Little City had a pretty amazing one recently! She went rollerskating with her pals. It looked super fun.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Project Life: January

Well hey there, pals. Welcome back to the world according to my Project Life binder. Here for you today are images from the first few weeks of the year. The week of January 8th was a quiet one. I found myself sick on the couch, attempting to work, but not accomplishing much. I also found myself sick and in bed, accomplishing even less than I managed on the couch. Otherwise, there was a ton of snow. Like, holy man, a TON! So much, in fact, that one morning, well before the snowplows had made it onto any of the secondary streets in town, I found myself trudging through calf deep snow on my way to an interview. Ick!

The week of January 12th was ever so slightly more eventful. After being sick, I was finally feeling hungry again, so I was gobbling up a bit of everything, like snack plates and HOMEMADE Vietnamese food. Om nom nom. I also received my 2014 Project Life goodies in the mail... although at that point I hadn't even finished 2013.

In mid-January, the Jasper in January event began, which meant events galore, both for pleasure and for work. There was Winterstruck at Pyramid Lake, where I finally went on a horse-drawn sleigh; there was the Loud and Proud drag show at the Whistle Stop; and a canyon crawl at Maligne Canyon. Busy! Oh, and at this point, I'm still not drinking. Remember? I took a vow of sobriety for the month of January.

The week of January 20, there were a bunch more festival events, like the annual street party and fireworks, and the chili cook-off. This is also the time when my friend Katherine came to visit, so there are plenty of amazing memories.

This spread includes a ski adventure, ice climbing adventure and an evening with Stuart McLean, all of which happened while Katherine was visiting. Seriously, this was the best. I still get giddy thinking about meeting Stuart McLean and interviewing him. That will certainly go down in history as one of the coolest experiences EVER.

Well, that takes us through most of January. I have one more half spread for January 31, the day I finally got to drink a beer! I'll show that off soon, along with a few spreads from February. I'm still truckin' my way through the month, so I'll wait until the spreads are all done and then do another mass posting. Stay tuned!

Friday, March 14, 2014

"Things I don't understand" makes a comeback

If you've been hanging around these parts for awhile, you might recall this little series of mine. It's something I created in order to deal with the frustrations and "are you effing kidding moments" that happen every day. Although I haven't written one in awhile, that's not to say those moments and frustrations have ceased to exist. In fact, they have been alive and well. So, here for you today, are a few of the things that have recently had me shaking my head in total confusion.

Things I don't understand...

1. People who each and every day feel the need to spam my social media feeds with photos of their children. Even worse than that, people who then write a status update as their children. Tell me you've seen this! "I had the best time with Grandma today! Thanks for the bath and the cuddles. I love you!" Um, excuse me, but I'm pretty sure that three-month-old has never spoken a word in its life and I'm almost certain it hasn't figured out how to type. So, seriously, parents, quit it. Just cut it right the hell out. Now, to be fair, I am honestly stoked for all of my friends with babies—(and I thank Mother Nature every day that I'm not one of you)—but after the fifth photo of the day, I lose my enthusiasm and I just get downright annoyed. I know you think I do, but I really don't need to be right there with you through each and every outfit change. One photo a day would suffice. Please, just take as many pictures as you like and then, at the end of the day—preferably when I'm already in bed—post your favourite. If I saw one a day, I'm sure I could muster up the finger power it takes to "like" your photo or even comment. But when you take it to the next level and force me to see your child every hour on the hour—yes, I'm on Facebook that often... but this isn't about me!—I will lose interest and I will become annoyed and I'll start thinking "are you fucking kidding me" and then I'll end up ranting and raving about you on my blog. Do you really want that? Do you?
2. I don't understand what goes through a person's mind when they stop you on the street, realize you've just been to the dentist, see that you're drooling all of yourself and and then, rather than saying, "Oh, there, there, sweetie. You go home and rest." they proceed with the conversation. This seriously happened to me a little while back. I was a frozen mess, I was in pain, I was hiding behind a massive scarf and I was power walking back to my office to pick up my things and go home. But, before I could get there, a lovely community member stopped me and asked, "Are you in a rush?" Unable to speak, I gestured to my face and, without a doubt, she picked up what I was putting down. She even gave me a sympathetic head tilt. But, then, rather than letting me go on my way, she carried on for the next 10 minutes! Like, what the hell, bro? Put the shoe on the other foot for just a second, would you? If you had bloody droll dripping down your chin and you were stopped in the middle of downtown Jasper for a chat—but you can't talk because the gauze in your mouth is so monstrous—would you want to listen to someone else yammer on and on? I think not! So, please, next time, back the hell off and let me go home to my popsicles and Project Runway. I promise to do you the same courtesy if I ever catch you in such a predicament.

3. How could a plane just disappear. Like, poof! Now you see it, now you don't styles. It just doesn't make sense. Considering the amount of technology we have these days, shouldn't we have some sort of doohickey to tell us where this massive projectile ended up? I'm seriously so baffled by this story. I don't understand how we don't have a GPS system or SOMETHING. And, how, in that small piece of water have we not found a single piece of the plane? Where the hell did it go? I need to know! The suspense is killing me!

What's been making you say "WTF" lately? I'd love to know.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Succulent sequel: the loss of a plant

It's been a rough winter for some of our beloved succulents. It seems the chilliest months of the year didn't provide enough sunlight or heat to keep our sun soaking, heat loving pals going. So, today, with a heavy heart, I mourn the loss of Baby Toes. When we brought him home from the grocery store last summer, he was a sad little plant, with just a few toes sprouting out of a tiny plastic pot. But over the summer, as we neglected him, left him in the sun and watered him once in a blue moon, he thrived, growing toe after toe after toe. Then the cold came and the days grew shorter, and ol' Baby Toes was sucked dry, and now all that remains of him are his dried out limbs, spread out flat on a pile of crusty dirt. 

As for the others, some continue to thrive—specifically our cacti—while others are struggling for their lives. But, all is not lost. There is still hope! The sun has returned and the days are growing ever longer. So, each day I will watch and wait, and hope and pray, for our saddest of succulents, who need all the warmth and sunlight they can get. Oh! And I'll also open the blinds, 'cause I hear that helps.

Did your plants survive the long, harsh winter?