Thursday, January 20, 2011

CD swap

So my newsroom has come up with the best idea ever, and I think everyone should hear about it and replicated it in their own workplace.
Basically we're having a monthly mix CD swap. There are nine of us, so we each make eight CDs, bring them in on a scheduled day and hand them out to everyone.
Awesome right!? Once a month walking away with eight CDs of music that, in a lot of cases, you wouldn't normally listen to...
We just finished our second round today. I'm listening to the first CD as I write this and already I've had to check the case for band names so I can make sure to research them.

As you can see, some people even get creative with their CD cases, which definitely adds to the fun. Mine were made of different coloured construction paper -- not quite as cool as the National Geographic photo Ian used for his.
The first CD I made was wrapped in newspaper and had 20 reggae ska songs, or as my friends say, white reggae songs.
To the surprise of many, there is a pretty big following for bands like Slightly Stoopid, Katchafire, The Beautiful Girls and Aaron Kamm and the One Drops.
By the reviews I got from my coworkers, some thought it was tolerable and others thought it was catchy and fun.
I personally think reggae is the best happy music. It's good for solo dance parties, cleaning the house, walking to work, working out, you name it.
Not wanting to push my luck, I switched it up for January's mix. It's a little more indie and includes some of my favourite lesser-known Canadian bands.

Here's my playlist for January:

Falling - The Cat Empire
Beat the Devil's Tattoo - The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Lay Down in the Tall Grass - Timber Timbre
I've Been Asleep For a Long Long Time - Hey Rosetta
Magic Show - Electric Owls
Messages - Xavier Rudd
I Got a Girl - Tripping Daisy
Boxes - The Steelwells
Feeling's Gone - Cat Empire
The Lengths - The Black Keys
White Winter Hymnal - Fleet Foxes
Narceritos - Jay Malinowski
Through the Winter - Make Your Exit
Hey Now Now - The Cloud Room
Going to Hell - The Brian Jonestown Massacre
The Ghost Inside - Broken Bells
Coalmine - Armchair Cynics
A Happening - Hyperstory
In the Meantime - Spacehog

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