Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Digging through a mound of clothes

I didn't intend to focus my blog on fashion, but again it's on my mind. This time it's not parka inspired, though. This time... it's an impending clothing swap. My girlfriend sent me a Facebook invite today for a swap on Sunday. I have to say, clothing swaps are one of my favourite ways to find new clothes - not only do you get to hangout with your girlfriends and drink wine, you get free clothes out of the deal... oh yeah, and it's the "green" thing to do. Anyway, with the swap on my mind, I'm staring at my closet and I'm debating if I brought anything in my suitcase that I'm ready to pass on. The thing is when I moved here three months ago, I already had to condense my wardrobe to my favourite pieces, so I really don't have a lot of excess goods. I mean, of course, I could give up my "I hate moustaches" t-shirt, but I feel like as soon as it's out of my possession, I'll be invited to another moustache party or some equally relevant activity... like a hipster gathering, god knows those guys love their "ironic" moustaches. I could also probably get rid of my incredibly ugly pink, purple and black striped turtleneck. I rarely wear it anyway. But what a bummer it would be not to have it in my closet when I'm invited to a nineties ski-wear party. It's quite the predicament. It makes me wish I had brought one more suitcase full of the clothes I was forced to get rid of when I moved here... but wishing won't get me any closer to a bag full of gems to contribute to the pile of goodies on the floor. I'm thinking the only solution is to get rid of a few things, not a lot, but enough to look like I contributed. They'll have to be things I still like, because that's all I have in my closet, but it'll only be enough to get me in the door. And then - and this is where it gets tricky - I'll have to make sure I'm the first one to dive into the mound of treasures on the floor, throwing t-shirts, jeans and whatever else around in a frantic rage in order to find the same number of lightly used gems I donated, in turn filling the vacant hangers in my closet. I think I'm up for the task and if not, after a glass of wine I will be. Wish me luck.

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  1. If anyone can find gems at a clothing swap, it's you!

    Keep the moustache t-shirt, it's awesome.