Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Parka blues

I've never been a fashionista. I think the best example of that was the year I wore a dog collar almost every day. It was Grade 12. I remember when I picked out my grad dress - which in retrospect was a glorified witches costume - and my dad agreed to buy it on one condition. "I'll buy it for you if you promise not to wear that stupid thing around your neck," he told me as I looked in the mirror thinking I looked like a total bad ass. Good old dad even offered to buy me something to replace my black leather, silver studded canine wear. If you knew him, you'd know that was a big deal - not the negotiating, but the offer to spend a few extra bucks on something like a rhinestone necklace. (He's Dutch and a retired accountant. If that doesn't tell you everything you need to know, maybe the joke he used to tell will: "The Dutch - they have short arms and deep pockets.") Anyways, we're getting off topic. Like I said, I've never been a fashionista. But for some reason in the last few months I've started to care. I don't know if it's because I'm getting older (24. YIKES!) or if it's because my friends all dress well, or if today's fashion just speaks to me. To be honest, I'm starting to think my recent obsession actually has more to do with the fact that I'm living in Yellowknife in the dead of winter. There's just something about putting on the same parka every day for the last two months and knowing that I'll be doing the same thing for another four. Don't get me wrong, it's a rad jacket (right!?) - and it better be considering I spent $500 on it - but it gets pretty old trying to switch things up with a scarf or a toque or a bloody balaclava.

So it's the same-old-ness of my parka that has inspired me to suddenly care. But I have a problem. I don't actually know how to be fashionable. I can read all of my favourite fashion blogs, (which I promise to list at the end of my post), I can look at their outfits, I could even shop at the same stores (if they actually existed in Yellowknife), but somehow I just don't know how to put an outfit together. You'd think I would be good at the indie style all the cool kids are rocking these days, considering I worked at Value Village for two years, but sadly, at that time I was still in my skate t-shirt and hoody stage. So this is my predicament. I want to care. I think I'd even be willing to put in the effort, but it seems as soon as I put on my long johns, fleece shell, parka, mitts, toque and scarf, all is lost... I become a big green blob perfect for rolling down a hill. I guess this is Northern living. Maybe when all is said and done and I move back "down south," as they say in these parts, or when I can finally start peeling off the layers in May, I'll still be inspired to give fashion an honest go. I hope that's the case. But who knows, by then, vanity might have gone out the window. I guess for now I'll just continue reading fashion blogs for inspiration. Here are a few of my daily reads... http://www.delightfully-tacky.com/

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  1. I love your header Nicole!

    And you are very fashionable with the indie style - I never found so many things at Value Village as I did that one time with you!