Monday, January 31, 2011

Treasure hunting at the dump

So Yellowknife has this weird tradition. People literally go to the dump to salvage, or as I like to call it, treasure hunt.
I have been a few times and I have written numerous stories about it for the paper.
Although digging through piles of garbage seems gross, the city has a system to make it more sanitary than rummaging through people's kitchen waste.
There is a whole section specifically for salvaging.
People drop off things that they think other people might like in one spot and put their garbage in another spot.

I know a lot of you are judging me for taking part in garbage picking, but it totally speaks to my upbringing and my love of a good deal. My mom is a die hard bargain hunter and I have totally taken that on. I love thrift stores, flea markets, dollar stores, garage sales and clothing swaps.
Seriously, whenever I plan to move to a new city, one of the first things I do is look to see if they have a Value Village. Then, if they do, I figure out how to get there from where I'm living.
Yellowknife is lacking in the Value Village department, but there is a half decent Salvation Army and a pretty fantastic flea market in a church on the weekends... and of course, there is salvaging, which wouldn't be as successful if Yellowknife wasn't such a transient city.
There are always people coming and going here and with the price of sending things down south so high, at the end of the month, there are always goodies to be found, especially if you have a creative mind.
There are so many strange things at the dump that could be morphed into something completely different and awesome.
For instance, Ian has created a lamp out of a mounted trophy fish, a fish bowl and some plastic tubing. He calls it space fish.
It's basically the coolest thing in his house and since I saw it, I've wanted something equally as cool for my wall, so we hit the dump on Saturday in search of supplies.
We didn't have much success, aside from finding two old lamps that we can use for parts.
That's the fun of it though, you never know what you're going to find.
Like the last time I was there with Kira, I found a Nintendo Power Glove. Do you remember those???
If you don't remember the glove, you must remember the movie Nintendo produced called The Wizard. The Power Glove was totally in it. That's actually the only reason I know what it is... I've never actually played with one. They kind of seem stupid, aside from looking cool. Also in that movie is the song Send Me an Angel -- so good. Oh yeah and Fred Savage is in it.
Anyway... not the point.
The glove is totally worth having, and I hope Ian finds a way to incorporate it into my new lamp.
A Power Glove lamp sounds pretty wicked right!?
Yay for free stuff and being "green."


  1. Hahaha. Oh Nicole. You would.

  2. Weird tradition? Most prefer to see it as a long standing tradition of recycling that dates back to before it became politically correct.

  3. I say weird because it is very foreign to people who come from down south.
    I think it's a great tradition and as you can see from my post, I also take part in it.

  4. About to move to Yellowknife and reading about the area. Love your blog. Lots of cities recycle paint like this, the usable stuff is put to the side for anyone who wants it. Now it's becoming a popular thing to do that sometimes they charge to "buy" the paint! I am looking forward to checking out the local dump!! A^_^