Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bedroom art

Awhile ago my girlfriend posted photos of her favourite places in her house, which got me thinking about the things I love in my own home.
And I came to realize that rather than loving places, the things I love the most are the pictures on my walls. This is what they look like:

Here are some close-ups:

From the left: In the black frame is a tree that I drew. You can't tell from the photo, but I put a black screen over it, so it looks like you're looking through a window.
The teal painting with the pink bird was done by my friend Leah. It's something I bring with me everywhere I move.
The birds in the centre are from a card that a friend gave me when I moved here.
The picture of bright blue water and mountains is from Kelowna. I have also taken it with me everywhere.
The purple picture was made by my girlfriend Kira. She gave it to me for Christmas and it wasn't even five minutes before I found a place for it on my wall.

This is the right side of my wall. The two scenic pictures are of Kelowna. I bought them at a flea market. I find them to be a nice piece of home that I can take with me wherever I go.
The picture of the people with the ginormous dog are my friends Jen and RJ -- their dog's name is Charlie. He and I had a cozy drive to the Hopewell Rocks last summer. He literally takes up the whole backseat of Jen's car, which meant him lying on top of me.

This is the left side of my wall. The two scenic photos are again of Kelowna and were from the same flea market vendor.
The third picture is of my favourite girls: Anna, Marika and Daniela. The photo was taken at our J-School grad gala. Daniela printed one off for each of us as a farewell gift, as we all went our separate ways in April.

Now this is the opposite wall. On the left, you can see some of my necklaces and bracelets hanging. When I moved to London, Ontario in May 2009, I started hanging all of my jewelry and belts on my walls. And since then, I have kept up the tradition wherever I move.
The large picture is a photo that Ian took. He had it blown up for me to make my room feel more homey. I love it.
Around the picture are lights that were on the tiny Christmas tree I cut down in December.
Next to the picture are a few of my purses. Although I'm used to having an accessory wall, this is the first time I've gone this far. I like it though. I find it keeps me organized.

Anyway, those are my walls. I hope you enjoyed the tour.

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