Saturday, February 26, 2011

I'm famous... well sort of... in the smallest way possible

While at a public meeting being held by the City of Yellowknife Wednesday, I was spotted.
I was interviewing a man, who was clearly very knowledgeable about the project being discussed, when another gentleman approached us and joined our conversation.
It couldn't have been more than two minutes before the second man looked at me and asked, "Are you from Gold River?"
Shocked, I turned to him, blushed and said, "Yes. Who are you? Are you from Gold River?"
As he came up with his answer, I quickly did an inventory of Gold Riverites, but I couldn't place him.
With a laugh, he said, "You have little stories in the Recorder, right?"
It turns out the man, whose name I never did get, has visited my hometown in the past and has a passion for small town papers.
Since his visit, he has been reading The Record, the paper I write a biweekly column for.
He said he reads every issue online, and read in one of my recent columns that I'm now in Yellowknife.
Then, last week, he saw my photo in the Yellowknifer, the paper I'm currently working for, with a story I had written.
After checking to make sure the name was right, he thought he better keep his eyes peeled for the reporter from Gold River.
Then low and behold, there I was Wednesday night, covering a meeting that he was attending.
It was a surreal experience.
I always think of my column as a way of keeping in touch with everyone at home. I never thought it would reach all the way to the North.
That is of course, unless I were the one showing it off to my friends, or my blog readers.
Anyway, that's my fun anecdote for this week.

As for delicious kitchen creations, I have put a bunch of my excess fruit to good use in a fruit salad. Although not creative, it definitely gave me some more room in the ol' fridge.


  1. I hope he's not a stalker! But come to think of it, that would be pretty cool if you had a stalker ...

  2. I'm so jealous, *I* want a stalker (...seriously). But this is pretty crazy and random! You're kind of a big deal Nicole.