Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Northern blunders

This morning when I went to take the dogs out, I couldn't open the front door. It was completely frozen. Like seriously frozen.
I yanked. I used my foot as leverage on the wall. I jiggled the handle. I grunted. I groaned. I made unattractive scrunchy facial expressions. I jumped up and down. I pouted. I did freaking everything. But nothing worked.
When I finally gave up my stubborn, I am woman hear me roar, attitude, I woke Ian up, dragged his butt out of bed and made him try, but he couldn't open it either.
So we -- and by we, I mean Ian -- ended up chiseling away the ice with a drywall scrapper thing while using my hair dryer on the bottom and side seal on the door.
It was ridiculous and took about 10 minutes, but we finally got the door open.
So I guess this is Northern living.
Speaking of which, my friends and I have had so many 'Northern living' moments since I moved here.
Here are a few of my favourites:
  • My first week wearing my Canada Goose parka, I walked into the side view mirror on a parked truck because I have no peripheral vision when my hood is on.
  • To keep the draft out of our townhouse, my roommate used foam insulation on the patio door and when she was cleaning up, she put some of the excess foam down the kitchen sink, clogging it to the point where we had to have a plumber come. That actually also led to me doing my dishes in the bathtub.
  • While walking to a meeting, the same roommate brought a metal travel mug and when she took a sip of her tea, she almost froze her lip to the brim.
  • Ian suggested we go out and make a bonfire in the bush one day and I asked what we would use for wood. He said we would find some on the way, to which I responded in a snarky voice, "Ummm... it needs to be dry." Turns out, Yellowknife is ridiculously dry and even in the snow, the trees are dry enough to use for firewood. Who knew!?
  • I drove away in my roommates' car while it was still plugged in, broke the plug and had to learn how to rewire it. For those of you that don't know, people have to plug their cars in because it gets so cold here in the winter. Yup, I'm living the dream!

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