Monday, February 7, 2011

Turd of the year?

I figure since I wrote a post about my mission to take beautiful pictures, rather than turds that require extensive polishing, I should probably post some of my attempts.
What follows are photos I took while at a cabin on Prelude Lake this weekend.
Ian came with me, as you can see from the photo of him, so I had all different lens to play with. I was pretty nervous when he first had me switching them while standing in knee deep snow, but by the end of our photography adventure, I was asking to swap.

This is me learning to focus on one thing, not everything.

This is my cute instructor.

This is me attempting to illustrate how low the sun sits in the early afternoon.

This photo was taken by Ian. I really love the way the bark is peeling off the trees.

This is another attempt to focus on one thing. I think I like the other picture better.

This is Ian starting our pallet fire. You wouldn't know it from this photo, but it ended up getting so big and hot that no one could sit on the benches.

This is how far away you had to stand. This photo doesn't even do the flames justice.

This is a photo Ian took. He was really impressed with the sunlight and made me turn around for a mini photo shoot. I was awkward, but he got a few cute shots.

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