Friday, February 25, 2011

Turned around

This weekend was supposed to be awesome.
Ian and I were going to visit Inuvik to see our friends Kira and Andrew, but the weather kicked our butts.
We managed to get on the plane and even flew half way there, but a lack of visibility and a power outage in Inuvik turned us right back around.
So, here I am, in Yellowknife, not working on Friday, wondering what to do with my weekend.
I have a suitcase worth of fresh veggies and fruit that I was supposed to deliver.
I guess I'll have to spend the weekend making and eating delicious food.
I'll let you know what creations I come up with.
Speaking of delicious food, on the plane Ian and I got fresh bannock with strawberry jam.
How Northern is that!? It was amazing and warm. Yummmm...

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