Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The glove brings light

You may recall my post talking about salvaging at the Yellowknife dump. And if you do, you might also remember that I found a Nintendo Power Glove while I was there with Kira a couple of months ago. Now, if you remember that, you might also recall that I had high hopes that Ian would turn my treasure into a lamp, like he had done for himself with a trophy fish he was given by a couple of his friends. Well, the day has finally come. I am now the proud owner of one of Ian's illuminating masterpieces. And without further ado, I present to you the Power Glove lamp:

The blue 'arm' even bends so I can direct the light wherever I want it. The red thing is an enormous clamp that will hook on to whatever I please. Pretty neat, right!? I found this little beauty waiting for me when I came home from housesitting on Saturday, and I immediately started laughing. It's just so very Ian.

Just like the head he made me...

Isn't he crafty!? The horns are made out of the legs from a doll and the tongue used to be the tentacle off a monster squid that Ian found at the dump. I wear the sunglasses from time to time, so he gets different ones every once and awhile. I figure, depending on the season, I'll change his style with a new accessory.


  1. Awesome! But the fish was graciously given to me by Davis and Dan, who found it in the storage room of their condo when they moved in (weird). Also his tongue is a tentacle of a monster squid creature I found on a hotwheels track (also at the dump).