Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Photo adventures in Vancouver

As you can gather from my last two posts, I spent the weekend in Vancouver with the family.
It was my dad's 75th birthday on March 1, so we figured we better get together for a shindig.
Here's the birthday boy sporting a special hat my mom brought for the occasion:

The trip was a great success. We had a couple of delicious dinners, not to mention a fantastic breakfast at the Dutch Wooden Shoe Cafe -- a pannekoeken (Dutch pancake) house started by one of my dad's childhood friends from Holland. Check out the stereotypical Dutch decorations:

Aside from eating, we also took a trip to the Bloedel Conservatory, a dome that houses tropical plants and birds. It was gorgeous and gave me the opportunity to test out my new found photography skills. Check it out:

I think this is probably the best picture I took the entire weekend. Anyone know what kind of bird that is?

This photo's pretty too.
(I took about 200 photos while we were there, so picking two took a lot of restraint.)
The conservatory is such a gorgeous place. I definitely recommend everyone check it out the next time they're in Vancouver. It's humid though, so be prepared to have big hair when you leave!

After the conservatory, we went outside and took some pictures of the beautiful view of Vancouver. There was also a really cool bronze sculpture of tourists having their picture taken...

This is the photographer.

And these are the people he's taking a picture of. I gather the dog's not always around.

We finished the day off with a trip to Granville Island. I already talked a bit about that adventure in my last post because that's where I took my first paparazzi-esque photo.
But aside from exploiting celebrities and their children, I also listened to a busker sing Buffalo Soldier -- so good! -- and took some photos of the vibrant fresh fruit and vegetables.


Seeing delicious produce like this made me miss living down south.
One of my favourite places in Fredericton was the Boyce Farmers' Market.
I find markets to be such a great way to buy groceries. You get to know your food providers and where your food is coming from.
I'm thinking the solution to my desire for fresh, locally grown produce might be joining the Yellowknife Community Garden Cooperative in the spring -- that way not only will I know where my food's coming from, I'll also get some exercise and meet some new people.
Sounds like a plan to me!

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