Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spotted: Katie Holmes and Suri

As I was walking out of the Kids Market on Granville Island in Vancouver Saturday, I watched two men run toward me with big cameras. The next thing I knew, they had planted their feet right next to me, raised their cameras and started snapping shots of something directly in front of where I was standing.
So, I turned, looked and saw Katie Holmes walking with her daughter Suri.
Now if you don't know, Katie Holmes is an actress who played in a show called Dawson's Creek in the 90s. Although she's been in movies since, that will forever be how I remember her. She's also married to and has a four-year-old daughter with Tom Cruise, which is really too bad.
Anyway, when I spotted her, I excitedly said under my breath, "Kathy! It's Katie Holmes!" to my sister who was wandering around the island with me.
"What?" she said in response, forcing me to repeat it three times.
While getting frustrated because Kathy just wasn't picking up what I was putting down, I took the time to raise my own camera and snap this shot:

Does that make me a member of the paparazzi?
If not, I'm pretty sure this next tidbit might.

Since it took my sister so long to figure out what I was saying, she really didn't get the time to see Katie and Suri, so she made her husband and me go back into the Kids Market, from which we just came, just to stand near them.
"I've never been this close to a celebrity before," said my excited sister.
So, inside we went. To the right of the door, there is a store front, where Katie and Suri stopped to look at a display of toys.
While we stood there, I thought I might as well try to snap another shot of the mother-daughter duo. But this time I wasn't quite as lucky. As I lifted my camera to my face, Holmes' bodyguard turned around and said something along the lines of, "I'm going to have to ask you to stop that," in a gruff voice.
On that note, we vacated the toy store and left them to their shopping.

If you want to see what the real paparazzi shots look like, here's the link.

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  1. Your paparazzi shot is just as good as the real ones! Can't believe you were that close to her.

    Also, it's too funny that you followed them into a toy store.