Thursday, June 9, 2011

Too many plans, too little time

This city is crazy. The people here live the busiest lives. It's incredible. If I don't have at least three Facebook invites a weekend, it seems slow. I don't know how people do it, but somehow my friends manage to hit everything in one weekend. There's no prioritizing or picking and choosing. You just make time for every event.
This weekend though, I'm being forced to decide.
Either I can go to a cabin or I can do one of a thousand things in town.
Okay, not a thousand things, but I do have a number of options.

Help me decide. Here are my choices...

1. Attend a one-year in Yellowknife anniversary party for three lovely ladies.
2. Dance it up at Solar Sonic, an electronic festival.
3. Go to the boyfriend's place for his weekly gathering of friends.

1. Go see Bridesmaids with the girls.
2. Check out an art exhibit called The Views of Two.
3. Attend a charity open mic night.
4. Watch my friends' brother perform at a bar.

1. Get together with a group of beautiful women for a clothing swap.
... okay that's it for Sunday, but still, how's a girl to deal?

I mean, of course I could say no to everything and just stay home for a relaxing weekend, but then I would hear the stories and see the pictures and be sad that I missed all the fun... and the drama.

Last weekend, I went to Kelowna for a visit, which was amazing, but by the time I was back, it's like I had been gone for weeks. So much had happened. It was like being in B.C. meant I was hiding under a rock without contact with the world. I felt like I had to interview all of my friends on Monday and Tuesday to ensure I was fully up to date on the goings on of the previous weekend.
I guess what I'm trying to say is, staying in really isn't an option. It's just more tiring being filled in after the fact.
So what should I do with my weekend? Go to the cabin and have to be filled in on what happened in town or stay in town and have to be filled in on what happened at the cabin?

Man, maintaining a social life is exhausting!

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