Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Advice from a fellow southerner

On my third day in Rankin, I found myself standing outside my hotel talking with a couple of smokers. One is from Calgary. She has been travelling the North as a court reporter since 2001. The other, is from Ottawa. He was working on the water and sewer lines for the new jail outside of town. Following their cigarettes, the guy, Sal, toured me around town and passed on some of his wisdom, which I will now relay to you.

1) Everyday when the housekeepers come to your room and give you an extra roll of toilet paper, hide it under your bed.
The rationale behind the TP theft is that it's one of the most expensive things to buy in Nunavut.
I'll admit, after seeing the price, $20 for 12 rolls, I tucked a few hotel rolls aside.

2) Have your family and friends ship you food with First Air, especially meat.
The price of food in Nunavut is out of control, as I mentioned in my last post, so Sal's solution was to have the vast majority of his food sent to him by air. He said it only took a couple of days and the cost of shipping was less than the cost of buying food at the Northern Store or the Co-op. I have yet to take this advice. I figure I don't eat a whole heck of a lot and I've always been a bargain hunter, so I'll get by.

3) Stop drinking the water!
I told my new friend that I hadn't been feeling well for my first few days in Nunavut and he asked if I was drinking the tap water, which I was. I was actually drinking boat loads of it because it has been so hot the last week. Anyway, Sal said he drank it for his first few days too and also felt ill. Then he went to the health centre and the nurse suggested he switch to filtered water. He gave me a 10-litre jug and it's done the trick for me. Now it's Brita all the way.

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