Thursday, July 7, 2011

Owl attack

So the boyfriend was attacked by an owl a couple weeks ago. No joke. And then when we went to work the next day, my boss asked me to write a column about it, since I was an eye witness and all. If I've peaked your interest and you want to see more than these few photos... check out my column.
The culprit. A great horned owl.
This was right before the owl struck. I guess it didn't like us hanging out near its nest.
The injury. He was hit by three talons. In this photo you only see two wounds. The third is inside his ear.


  1. Yikes! That looks really painful. Glad that he is okay!

  2. Hi Nicole. I was also attacked by the owl a couple of weeks after you. I did a little blog post about it - you can find it at

  3. Man, that was one busy owl. She got at least four people. I'm glad to see you're okay. I guess, as they say, we all have a story for the grand kids. Thanks for sending the link.