Thursday, July 7, 2011

Royals in Yellowknife

For the month leading up to Prince William and Kate Middleton's visit to Yellowknife, I spent my time rolling my eyes at friends who were starry-eyed over the idea of being in the same place as the royal couple. Honestly, I'm so indifferent. The whole fairy tale wedding, marrying a prince thing is just so unappealing and vomit inducing, if you ask me. Anyway, K and W finally made their appearance here on Tuesday and Wednesday and thousands of people showed up for the dog and pony show. I purposely didn't get media accreditation thinking it would save me the misery of taking part in the event, but somehow, at the last minute, my boss decided it would be a good idea to have someone in the crowd taking photos. So that meant, the one person in the newsroom that didn't get accredited -- me -- had to go spend two hours with enthusiastic royalists. This could have been a lucrative task if I hadn't arrived hours after everyone, thus placing me rows back from the gating. Anyway, I managed to get maybe five okay shots and then about 100 of Kate's feet, or the top of her head, or her from the legs down. Not the best. See:
At least she was wearing nice shoes...
Hanging out with the NWT premier, commissioner and mayor of Yellowknife.
Clapping for athletes giving a demonstration.
Although it wasn't my favourite day on the job, it was nice to be in a huge mass of genuinely excited and happy people. The one thing I have noticed watching the royal tour is that everywhere William and Kate go, they bring happiness with them, and for that, they can only be thanked.

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