Sunday, October 2, 2011

One more night

Tonight is my last in Yellowknife. The car is packed, or at least as packed as you can be the night before you move. We have 900 Rubbermaid tubs full of stuff lying around Ian's parents' basement waiting to be shipped. We have Halloween candy and a bag of Ian's mom's chocolate chip cookies for the road and we have fully charged iPods. Everything is in order for our first day of driving.
Our plan was to make it to Peace River tomorrow, but things changed on Friday night when our friend asked us to drive to Hay River instead, just so we could have one last dinner with him. So, tomorrow we'll call it quits after only five hours of driving. Then on Tuesday we'll drive the rest of the way to Edmonton, where we'll spend two nights with Ian's friend Andrea. The plan is to hit the Good Will, White Avenue and Wunderbar before jumping back in the car for the final leg of our trip.
This is where our plan ends. We don't yet have a place to stay for our first three weeks in town. We found an apartment, but we can't move in until Nov. 1, so we're temporarily homeless. The idea is to find a B&B or motel that has weekly rates, so we're not paying $80 to $100 a night for three weeks. Time will tell what becomes of us. For all I know, we might just end up sleeping in the car. And why not, right? It's supposed to be an adventure after all.