Sunday, November 13, 2011

Canadian Girl

For the last two years I’ve thought my goal of reporting from every province and territory was pretty unique, but since arriving in Jasper, I’ve realized I’m just one of people many who want to see and experience everything Canada has to offer.
That couldn’t have been more evident than when I interviewed Bonnie Ste-Croix, a folk singer originally from Quebec, but now living in Halifax.
Ste-Croix, like me, has lived all over the country. Before Halifax she was in Vancouver and before Vancouver in Banff, and so on.
When she was planning to relocate to Halifax from Vancouver a year and a half ago, she started thinking about the number of times she’s driven across our great country. With those thoughts in her mind, she had a revelation, “It’s like all of Canada is my hometown.”
And with that epiphany came an idea. Ste-Croix set out to write and record an album that would represent her many hometowns, something she successfully completed and released in September.
Canadian Girl has one song for each province and territory and each of those songs has at least one guest artist from the corresponding province or territory. 
Guests include, Natalie MacMaster (Nova Scotia), ShariUlrich (British Columbia), Stephen Fearing (Ontario), Leela Gilday (Northwest Territories) and Dominique Dupuis (New Brunswick).
Now all of that is pretty cool, but it gets cooler. Ste-Croix went to each province and territory to record the song associated with it. She travelled 7,849 kilometres by car and she took 12 flights, taking her from coast to coast to coast.
This woman is my hero. If I could sing or play an instrument, Canadian Girl would be my dream project.
But since I have no musical talent whatsoever, I guess I’ll just have to stick with my own goal and make my way around Canada as a reporter. The upside of doing it my way is I have more time to really immerse myself into the cultures and traditions of my new hometown.
I just hope that by the time I’m finished my journey, I’m still young enough to remember where I began.

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