Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I'm alive!

As usual when I have a big life change, I forget about my blog. Don't worry, I'm alive. I've just been incredibly busy.
So far, life has been a little bit chaotic in Jasper, but everything is starting to fall into place.
Ian and I  finally moved into our permanent apartment this weekend, we've acquired a bunch of used furniture to help fill it and I'm starting to feel like Jasper is our home.
We've been here three weeks now, living in a tiny basement suite in a gorgeous log home.
Although it was small, Ian and I were stoked to find it. 
Until a few days before we arrived in town, we had no idea where we were going to live for the month of October. We had an apartment lined up for November, but we needed a place to lay our heads until then. We were so desperate we had even booked a week of accommodation at a hostel just outside of town.
Man am I happy it didn't come to that. I can't imagine what it would have been like sleeping in a room with 50 other people, let alone getting ready for my first day of work in a big shared bathroom. I'm sure I could have done it, but it definitely wasn't my first choice.
Actually my first choice would be to kick out the owners of the log home we were in. I can definitely see myself living in their house. Mind you, they were incredibly lovely and accommodating, so I wouldn't really want to kick them out on the street. I'd at least give them our basement suite.
I kid.
Our new apartment is actually pretty nice. We have two bedrooms, so Ian can have a home office, the living room is spacious and the kitchen has enough room for me to set up a whole crafting station. I don't have a desk yet, but I'm super excited to get sewing and painting. 
We also have a patio with a view of Whistlers Mountain.
We really can't complain - especially since the rent is half of what we were paying in Yellowknife. Yay for being down south!
I promise more updates and photos soon.

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