Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Two more sleeps

I'm Kelowna-bound in just two more sleeps! I'm so excited to touch base with my family for a week.
I'll be spending five nights at my sister's house in Kelowna and then I'm hopping on a Greyhound bus to Vancouver to spend two nights with my brother before returning to Jasper by train.

Without a tree in my house or any decorations, I've been finding it hard to get into the Christmas spirit. It's also been difficult because I started crafting and preparing so early that I've been done for weeks and have even had my presents in a suitcase for the last few days.

The influx of Christmas cards and treats at work have helped, but I'm still in need of a holiday pick-me-up. I'm hoping I'll get just that when I start my journey to Kelowna, and if not then, when I enter my sister's house and see the tree, decorations and, of course, presents... oh yeah, and my family!

Christmas has been a disjointed holiday for me in the past eight or 10 years. Since moving out of my parents home at the age of 17, I have had Christmas in Kelowna, Kamloops, 100 Mile House, Gold River and Yellowknife, and not one of them included my entire family. 

Last year, I was in Yellowknife. I spent the morning and afternoon with a few friends, making a monstrous brunch and watching movies. Then in the evening I went to Ian's parent's house for dinner.

The year before that, I was in my hometown of Gold River, but I was the only kid to go home, so it was just me and my parents. We had a lovely dinner together, but again, we didn't partake in any other holiday celebrations.

So anyway, I'm excited for this year because at least I'll see both my sister and brother, and I might also get the chance to see my parents for an afternoon while I'm in Vancouver. Having lived all over the country the last few years, I haven't had a ton of opportunities to spend time with my family, so any chance I get, I try to snatch it up. After this visit, I think my next opportunity will in the spring when we try to get the entire family together in Vancouver for a few days. Fingers crossed we can coordinate our schedules to make it work!

Anyway, happy holidays everyone. I hope you are all surrounded by the people you love... and the food that you love!

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