Monday, January 16, 2012

The blooper reel

Yesterday I did a photoshoot for Pickled Yarn, with Ian as my photographer.
Trying to spice things up, we went outside and used the yellow stucco on our building as a background.
With a light stand, umbrella, extra flash, tripod and the two of us on the deck, it was pretty cozy. I ended up using the window as a mirror to put each hair clip in, just to save myself the hassle of stepping over and ducking under all of the equipment.
Anyway, what ensued was a hilarious photoshoot. Ian had me laughing the whole way through. Usually I'm a terribly awkward model, so he tried to loosen me up a bit by giving some entertaining directions.
The bloopers were too funny not to share and I also just learned how to make my photos beautiful with Mosaic Maker, so I figured why not test out my new skills and share the results with all of you.

On another note, we had a wicked awesome weekend.
We drove up to Pyramid Lake to do some ice skating on Saturday (which Ian hadn't done since he was a 13-year-old speed skater), and when we arrived, we discovered a whole bunch of fun activities were happening as part of the Jasper in January festival. There were FREE dogsled rides, snowshoe races and bannock on a stick. It felt like life in Yellowknife, except with gorgeous mountains in the background. It was exactly what I needed to rejuvenate my enthusiasm for Jasper living.


  1. I love the bloopers! That Jasper in January event sounds fantastic.

  2. Ha! Two things popped into my head after reading this post. 1) You look fun (and adorable). 2) I miss snow. You, lucky boots! I'm Australia bound (but from Minnesota) and miss the snow so much. Enjoy it!