Friday, February 10, 2012

My cozy mug

I have seen crocheted and knitted mug sleeves all over Pinterest, Craftgawker and Etsy lately and they are the cutest! So I decided it was time to sit down and make my own for my favourite mug.
I used multi-coloured wool and two kinds of crochet stitch to give it more visual interest. Don't ask me what the two stitches are called because I don't know and when I looked up Stitches for Dummies, I got confused. Basically I was taught to crochet by an old lady I met while camping when I was five or six years old and since then, I have just made things up and I usually stick to projects that just require a straight line, like scarves and now mug cozies.
Once I reached the desired size, I did one extra line with 20 chain stitches in the middle to act as my fastener. I also chose a complimentary button and sewed it on the opposite side using a piece of wool.
Then, I put it on my mug and voila! I have a cozy mug in a mug cozy.

With that complete, now I'm working on my second infinity scarf. I'm changing my stitch and wool this time with the hope of making it super thick and cozy.

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