Saturday, March 31, 2012

Moustache mail

Look what I got in the mail yesterday! Rose from Projectville, one of my most favouritist blogs ever, had a giveaway a little while back and I won, which meant I got to pick one thing from her Etsy shop. So of course I picked her series of famous moutashe-sporting men.

Aren't they handsome!? Now although this was my selection, I'll admit that I don't find moustached men particularly attractive. I like them in theory. I mean moustaches suggest manliness and all that, but in real life I think they're generally creepy and unattractive - Tom Selleck, Johnny Depp and Ian's dad aside. Is it weird that I include Johnny Depp in there? I mean, when he grows a moustache it's kind of pathetic. But at the same time, the scraggly, dirty look totally works for me. Amiright?

Creepy or not in real life, I've decided I need to find small frames for each of these lovely little moustached men, so that I can display them in all of their glory. I'm heading to Vancouver for Easter, so I figure I will hunt for the perfect frames there. Until then, in celebration of the moustache, I leave you with this:

Source: weheartit

 Who's your favourite moustached man? Has he visited your mail box lately?