Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fall colours in spring

Leg warmers! I absolutely adore these leg warmers. They're made out of various old man sweaters. I bought them before my going away party in Yellowknife last October. Ian and I were walking to the bar to meet our friends and I was wearing this exact outfit, except without the hat and with a scarf instead of a necklace. It was freezing cold out. The wind was blowing like crazy and I thought I was going to get frostbite on my legs (that's what I get for wearing tights as autumn fades into winter in the north). Anyway, so we're walking and I saw these leg warmers in a shop window. I pointed them out to Ian and expressed the fact that I HAD to own them and rather than walking right by, he opened the door of the shop and waited for me to go in. So I ran in there, quickly picked these out of a hundred different colours, put them on and continued our walk to the pub. It was truly awesome and I still love them to this day. (And I love that Ian let me feed my fashion addiction without even questioning my impulse buy.)

 From top to bottom:
Hat: Army and Navy
Necklace: Saout (Etsy)
Dress: Gifted
Sweater: Thrifted (Value Village)
Belt: Bombshell (Jasper)
Leg warmers: For Women Only (Yellowknife)

These are my first self-shot outfit photos, so they're not nearly as beautiful as the ones that Ian took for my last post. I think this whole tripod thing is going to take some practice. I also think I need to take the flash off my camera and put it on a stand so I don't end up with such a big shadow behind me. Bear with me. I'll get better. I promise. 


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