Sunday, March 18, 2012

Finicky photography

The other day I posted about my DIY earring organizer and originally posted photos I had taken of the frame right on the wall. Needless to say the photos weren't great. I used direct flash and the lighting in our bathroom (where my earrings are displayed) is pretty terrible, so the pictures were kind of underexposed. After posting them on my blog and seeing how crappy they looked, I decided I wanted to give it another shot, so I asked Ian for help. He was less than enthusiastic about it, but he helped anyway. I found out shortly after we started why he wasn't too keen on the whole idea. It turns out, my damn earring organizer is a bitch to photograph. If I had a studio I'm sure it would have been easier, but using whatever you have lying around the house, makes for a difficult photoshoot.

As you can see, in order to get the photos that are my blog now I had to suspend the frame from a boom with fishing wire. The boom then rested on my two living room chairs. Then clamped to one chair was a white piece of poster board that was taped to a broom. Then there was a flash stand and a flash behind the frame lighting the wall. Set up and clean up were probably the worst parts, but even getting a good photo was hard. Tweaking the front flash and the back flash and making sure I was taking a photo that was square with the frame. Ugh. It was miserable. I ended up giving up before I got the perfect photo, but I still think what I got was a vast improvement from the original photos I took.

Here's a comparison:

I hope the difference is clear. The good photos, of course, are the ones with the white background. I accomplished that by lighting the wall behind the frame. The crap photos are the ones that have a yellowish tint to them because of the poor lighting in our bathroom.

So anyway, that was my latest photo adventure. I'm getting better, slowly but surely. I'm not sure if I'm beyond producing turds, but I'm definitely making the effort to improve.

In my next post, I'll show you what I did this weekend.

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