Sunday, March 11, 2012

Holiday creations

Like I said in my last post, I've been sick. But instead of moping around, I've been crafting around. And I figured since both St. Patrick's Day and Easter are on the way, I would use my time to festive felt creations.

The first, a clover pin, I made to wear on St. Patrick's Day. I'm hoping to spend the evening at my favourite Jasper restaurant where there will be a five course meal with beer pairings. It's got to be the classiest St. Patty's Day party ever, so I must go... and, of course, afterwards I'll seek out the sleaziest celebration to top off the evening in true Irish style.
If you want a pin, they're easy to make. First make a clover template on sturdy paper. Then cut it out of felt, stitch around the clover, do the leaf embellishments, add buttons on the stem and sew on a pin.

My second creation is for Easter. I was bored and made an Easter egg out of felt. Once that was complete, I was still bored, so I carried on to make a basket and finally, I made a bunny.

On the right is the finished product. Like the clover, to make this wall hanging, I first drew each shape on a piece of paper, pinned the pattern to a piece of felt and then cut it out. I used two pieces of each shape. That way, the stitching for the mouth and whiskers on the bunny don't show on the opposite side. It also created a pocket in the basket to put the bunny and egg into. I used a blanket stitch around the bottom of the basket and just a regular stitch for the rest.

I sent this little Easter surprise to Ian's mom. He was sending a care package and had a little extra room, so I thought I would contribute with something homemade and festive.

In my next post, I'll tell you about a new series I'm joining with a couple of other bloggers. Stay tuned.

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