Monday, April 30, 2012

Gone fishin'

I always pull out the plaid for fishing/camping adventures. It just feels right!

It was the perfect outdoor kind of day on Saturday. I started it out with a jog around town, which I finished off with a half hour uphill hike that eventually took me home. Since I was jogging, I didn't bring a camera, but the trail was truly gorgeous. With all of the snow melting, everything is looking so lush and green.

Then, after my morning jaunt through the forest, Ian and I went out fishing.

The above pictures were taken at Lake Edith. We went there at the end of the day just to wander around before heading home for some dinner.


For lunch, we brought all of the fixings for delicious sandwiches, which we made while sitting on the rocks watching the water rush by. I absolutely adore making sandwiches out in the wilderness. Somehow they always taste better than the ones you make at home.

They remind me of being a kid on the drive home from the closest city from my hometown. We would often stop halfway and take out some fresh buns, meat and cheese and make sandwiches at a picnic area before hopping back in the car for the last stretch of the drive.

Fishing and outdoor picnics are two of the simple things I really enjoy in life. We didn't catch anything on Saturday, but even so, it was a great day. For us, fishing is more about the opportunity to relax outside and eat delicious picnic lunches. That's not to say we're not hoping to hook a big one, but even if we go a whole day without a bite, we still leave the river feeling rejuvenated and happy.

I mean, how can you not feel great when you're fishing in a place like this?

At one point there was literally an elk drinking across the river, there were two eagles circling overhead and there was a hawk in a nest with its babies. Sometimes it's like I live in a Disney movie.

What do you think, could I be the next Snow White?

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  1. Amazing. What an unbelievable, breathtaking landscape. You always post such gorgeous pictures!

    Sara from A Modern-Day Lady