Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Handmade earrings

I feel like I haven't been crafting much lately, which has been totally bumming me out. So yesterday, while I watched the first two episodes of Deadwood and drank a cup of tea, I made myself some new earrings. In fact, I made myself a lot of new earrings. I was on a roll. They're all super easy and quick to make, so I just kept going.

Fabric earrings:
I made the fabric earrings with this fabric button starter kit that I, of course, found on Etsy. The kit makes it so easy to make the buttons. Basically you just have to cut out a piece of fabric, put it over the white button maker tool, then push the button inside the tool. Next, tuck the excess fabric inside and put the back of the button on by pushing it in with the little red piece provided in the kit. To make the buttons into earrings, I just bent the metal piece on the back, hooked the earring to it and then hot glued both pieces to the back of the button.

Felt flower earrings:
I found a tutorial on You Seriously Made That? for the felt flower earrings, which are super easy to make. I've actually made the flowers into magnets in the past and finally got around to turning some into earrings this week. Basically all you need for those is a glue gun, a piece of felt, a ruler, scissors and hook earrings. For the rest of the directions, check out the link to You Serious Made That?.

Fancy button earrings:
The fancy button earrings are the easiest of the bunch and don't take any tools at all. (Aside from a glue gun, anyway.) I made these with buttons and studs. I hot glued the buttons together and then super glued the stud on the back. Then, voila! you have earrings.

Basically each pair pictured above took about 10 minutes to make. They're all super easy projects and they're all super cute.  The only problem is now my earring holder is overflowing. Oh well. There are probably worse problems to have.


  1. I love the fancy buttons ones, they are really cute :)


    1. Thanks! I have a huge button obsession, so I had to think of something to use them for. :)