Saturday, April 14, 2012

Under a bridge, trolling it up

While Ian went fishing today, I nestled myself under a bridge and read my magazine. Afterward, he took these photos, which I totally love. Especially the next one, when I really troll it up for the camera. As a side note, I would usually be fishing alongside him, but I have yet to buy myself a rod or a license, so for now I'm stuck on the sidelines. I hope by next weekend my life will be in order and I'll be casting right there with him.


Attractive, right? I gotta say, I feel pretty gorgeous.

On our way to the river, we also took these photos in a grassy area that clearly burned in the not so
distant past. It was gorgeous there, aside from the copious amounts of elk droppings. (At one point, I nearly found myself sitting in a pile of it. Ick!)

I don't know if this is an outfit post, per se, but I'll tell you what I'm wearing anyway.

Top to bottom:
Earrings: Etsy
Shirt: Bluenotes
Cardigan: Theory (Thrifted)
Belt: Bombshell
Jeans: Forever 21
Shoes: Ardenes

Jasper is such a photogenic town. It's been fun finding locations to take photos since I started this whole outfit post thing. So far, though, the ones I've done in exciting places have been taken by Ian. I still haven't been brave enough to go out on my own with the tripod. The idea of getting caught has me totally freaked out about it.

I was reading Secondhand Magpie the other day and she had a creeper in the background of a bunch of her photos, which has got to be the most awkward thing ever. I don't know how some of the bloggers out there do it so comfortably. I feel like such a doofus running back and forth from my camera and then posing in front of it for all to see. I guess comfort comes with practise, but I think, for now, I definitely prefer having my own personal photographer telling me to lift my head, take a step back or to stand up straight. It definitely takes the pressure off me and if anyone sees us, I figure they'll assume we're just tourists. (The beauty of living in a tourist destination.)

Have you had any awkward outfit photoshoots? 

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