Saturday, May 19, 2012

At this time last year: May

I started this looking back series last month after I found myself continuously wondering what I was doing last year. And after looking through my iPhoto events, I decided that this should be a regular Gypsy in Jasper feature because there are just so many photos and adventures that I never did share on my blog.

Like this goofy adventure Ian and I went on just as the ice was beginning to melt on Great Slave Lake. We climbed up to our favourite spot, called Tin Can Hill, and read smutty harlequin romance novels to each other while drinking beer. (That's definitely our kind of evening!)

And then there was my cabin adventure. This was an awesome weekend. The ice on the lake was melting so there was a couple of inches of water on top. So when we took the Skidoos out, there were huge sprays of ice cold water flying up around us, as if we were water skiing. Needless to say, I ended up getting off the Skidoo with a soaking wet ass. Good times all around.

Then once the snow had melted, I orchestrated a Yellowknife's Next Top Model photoshoot with a group of my girlfriends. I had been eying this old mining equipment down by the boat launch in Yellowknife for months just waiting for the snow to melt because I knew it would be a brilliant place to take photos. So once the temperatures rose, I got the girls together, grabbed my tripod and went nuts.

Oh yeah! And then there was the time I won a historical costume contest for dressing up as the first teacher in Yellowknife, Mildred Hall. That I actually blogged about because it was pretty epic, both  my costume and the event.

May was also the month that I got to interview Buffalo Joe McBryan, the owner of Buffalo Airways (the company that the show Ice Pilots is about). It was a pretty awesome interview. Joe is incredibly hilarious and sharp. I think we ended up talking and drinking coffee for a good three hours, and half of that time he spent interviewing me.

And since I'm talking about work now, in May I also took the photo that won me an Alberta Weekly Newspaper Award for spot news and I also live blogged the federal election from the liberal camp.

Blog, blog, blog. (Man I miss my long hair!!)

Anyway, although I could go on, I think I'll wrap this up by saying, Yellowknife is awesome, especially when May rolls around and you can finally shed your parka. When I look back on these photos and memories, I'm amazed by how many awesome things I was able to do last year. I hope that next year when I look back on May 2012, I'll feel the same way.

I guess I better start making some memories!!

What were you doing at this time last year? Is this month shaping up to be a memorable one?


  1. Love this idea of looking back every month! It's a great way to remember the little things. :)

  2. So lovely, incredibly envious of your Canadian adventures! I've still never been, but Canada is my dream destination. I always imagine one day I will pick up & move there & never look back.