Monday, May 7, 2012


Unnumbered, undeniable fact: aquariums are awesome, as are all things that live under the sea.
Amy over at the new and improved Vanagon Champion (I must admit the first time I wrote that, I wrote Vanawagon. What the hell's a Vanawagon?) wrote a post called Facts over the weekend and suggested others do the same, so here I am with a few of my very own facts. Aren't I good at taking direction!?

1. A cup of tea isn't a cup of tea at all if your cup doesn't have a cozy and your tea isn't accompanied by a little animal friend. (In this case, it's Ian's rhino. I myself have an owl, but it's currently waiting for me at the office along with my cranberry cocktail tea. Yum!)

2. When eating cereal, the milk should ALWAYS be poured first. Whoever taught you otherwise is an absolute nutbar. (Should nutbar be two words or one? Either way, milk first!)

I took this photo on Saturday while on a hike in Jasper National Park. I saw between six and 10 waterfalls in total!
3. The sound of naturally moving water is one of the most soothing and enjoyable things to hear. And because it's so wonderful, sometimes you just need to seek it out by going on an outdoor adventure.

4. Sometimes the most practical gifts can be the best to receive. Like these seeds for our garden plot. Ian's mom sent them to us and I absolutely cannot wait to get them planted. I've never had my own vegetable garden, so I'm really eager to watch my plants grow and to harvest delicious veggies throughout the summer. (Expect weekly updates once it's warm enough to get planting.) So anyway, having a package arrive in the mail full of seeds that will soon become delicious, fresh summer meals was basically a day-maker.

5. Along the same lines, receiving anything other than a bill in the mail is awesome. Whether it be a card or letter from a friend or family member or a package slip letting you know your Etsy order is in, snail mail is 100 per cent amazing. You can't have a bad day when a fantastic surprise arrives in your mailbox.

6. I don't care what anyone else says, snorting while laughing is both endearing and cute.  Also, laughing until you cry is totally normal. And having your teacher stop a lecture to see if you're OK because he thinks you're actually crying, not a big deal. Happens to everyone.

7. Reggae music is the most uplifting music in the world. Argue if you want, but I won't listen because I'll be too busy dancing around my house to this song:

8. Etsy and Modcloth are the worst sites to visit when you're trying to save money. It's damn near
impossible to window shop without at least adding something to your cart. On the flip side, if you buy
something, then you get to enjoy No. 5.

Image source.
9. If asked what I would eat for the rest of my life if I was only allowed to eat one thing, I'd say sandwiches. Why? Because sandwiches have more variation than any other food. You can have a sandwich with one piece of bread or three. You can have a sandwich with meat or without. You can have a sandwich toasted, grilled or none of the above. There are just so many options, so it seems to me, it would be silly to chose anything else. Amiright?

Photo courtesy of Robson Fletcher.
10. Even in May, when you're totally not dressed for the occasion, being knee deep in snow can be fun. Especially when the trudging brings you to No. 3.

What would you add to my list? Or what would you omit? (Probably the milk before cereal one, right? You people are crazy!)


  1. That Rhino is SO cute! And yes, no other music is better than Reaggae

  2. YAY to the seeds!!! We spent the whole last weekend gardening and planting sweet peas, turnips and other little things! Can't wait for them to grow! :-)

    1. Oh my goodness. Turnips!! That's what I need to add. Thanks for dropping by and for inspiring me to buy turnip seeds. :)