Sunday, May 6, 2012

The necklace tree


I absolutely adore this tree. Ian got it from a shop in Yellowknife a number of years ago and when we made the move to the mountains, I nicely asked if I could use it for my necklaces. (To which he of course said yes.) And ever since, my accessories have been so organized and easy to grab and they've also become a decorative piece on my dresser rather than a tangled ball in a Ziplock bag.   
Organization feels so good!! 
You know what else feels good? Having new things to organize, like four new necklaces from Etsy!

How awesome is Etsy!? I'm so excited to wear all of these and to have them hanging from my tree.

I seriously think jewelry has great visual impact whether you're wearing it or not. Even on my tree they look amazing, just like my earrings look awesome on my bathroom wall.

I love having my jewelry out for everyone to see when they come for a visit. It seems like every time someone new comes by they mention my earring collection.

There's just no better validation than that, half because my collection is super impressive and half because I made my earring organizer myself.

How do you keep your jewelry organized? Do you put it on display?


  1. Ooh, love that owl/clock necklace. I love all owl accessories. I organize my jewelry by throwing it on top of my dresser and then digging through and untangling it as I need it. It's a good system!

    1. Your system would make me absolutely bananas! I mean, good on ya for sticking to it, but I think that system would be enough for me to stop wearing necklaces all together. ;)

  2. That tree is so super awesome!

  3. Really beautiful necklaces you have! Specially like the scissor one, so funny!