Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Canadian Gothic

I must give Ian all of the credit for this photo. He thought of it and he executed it (although my friend Cynthia was actually the one pressing the button). If you're not yet putting two and two together, let me help you. In this photo we are reenacting the above Grant Wood painting, American Gothic.

In retrospect, we wish we had stepped further away from the cabin and stood closer together. But for our first kick at the can, it's a pretty hilarious.

Behind us is the inspiration for the photo, the cabin we stayed in on Saturday night while we were in Banff.

On an unrelated note, for the sake of saving you from ANOTHER Banff related post, I will leave you with this amazing photo of Ian and me in a tourist shop being stern RCMP officers. 

Have you ever tried to recreate a famous painting or photo?


  1. Ahahahaha, *awesome!* Makes me wish Jordan weren't so darn adamantly against posing for photos...

  2. All these photos are amazing! And I also really love your glasses, they look fantastic on you.

  3. So much fun! I tried once, I took part in the competition which aim was to create a photo similar to a famous painting. Unfortunately I didn't win, but it was my vry beggining in photography adventures:)

  4. I WAS GOING TO DO THE SAME PHOTO WITH RAIMUND!! You guys are too awesome.

  5. So you guys bought the hats right? Tell me you bought the hats. I feel like that's everyday fashion right there.

  6. You guys did such a good job! My partner and I did tried to recreate it from memory (with my brother in law chiming in helpful tips) and I think it's mostly just funny how very, very wrong our memory of the painting was! We're standing on the wrong sides of each other, the pitchfork isn't in the center, we're standing waaaaay too far away from each other, and I'm looking off into the distance in the wrong direction. It was still a ton of fun, though, and the photo shoot was a definite success. Our favorites was our zombie faces, which we're so getting framed. Possibly along with our butchered American Gothic.

    PS... Aren't you Canadian? >.>