Friday, June 8, 2012

Cozy blankie time

My childhood friend Heather, who just started her first blog, Cabernet Sauvinyarn, inspired me with a recent post and now I've started my first-ever crocheted afghan. Above you can see my progress. It's nothing fancy, but for a first try I'm pretty happy with how it's turning out. Ian complained, sarcastically, that I'm being selfish by only making it as wide as I can reach. He claims all of the blankets in the house are made for me and there is only one that's actually long enough and wide enough to keep him covered. I figure, he can either keep complaining, buy himself a tall-person blanket or crochet his own, because this little blankie is all mine! Or it will be when it's finished anyway.

I'm planning on make some good progress on it tomorrow while I'm at the craft fair selling my hair clips. That is of course if Mother Nature stops with all the rain. Today there's supposed to be a full-blown storm. I gotta say, I'm getting sick of this business. I was woken up half a dozen times by booming thunder the other night. It's just plain unpleasant. If you could all do a reverse rain dance for me, that'd be awesome. Thanks a bunch!

Have you ever knit or crocheted a blanket?


  1. i knit my mom a crazy huge cable blanket for christmas a few winters ago - but this past year i have been on a crochet kick and made quite a few baby blankets (which most are on my blog and in my shop) but i also started another blanket for us

    i havent worked on it in ages..i think once it starts getting nicer out the needles tend to get put away around here..but i will most likely pick it back up and finish it in the fall or a rainy day (which we've been having lots of) but you know with my glass studio and soon to be new soap business- who has the time?!

    good luck tomorrow!!!!!


  2. I love the colors of this! They are just so bright and fun! I'm so happy to hear the craft fair went well, those are some 12 lucky kids :)

    Hope you are having a nice relaxing day today!

    1. Also I saw you just got featured on Elycia's blog! Ahhh that's so great! You deserve it!

  3. So pretty! Great choices in the colors!

  4. Oh my goodness is looking SO good so far! I love the colour choice! Great job <3