Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Garden update #1

I have some good news and some bad news. And as most people generally want bad news first, that's what I'll give you.

The ol' garden took a beating. We planted too early, frost penetrated the soil and most, if not all, of the growing power was squeezed out of our teeny-tiny seeds. Womp womp.

The good news is that a few hearty souls fought the cold and have started sprouting. I'm not totally sure what they are, though, because Ian did the seed planting and didn't label anything!

These little gaffers are either spinach or salad greens. I know that much.
And this is either a pea plant or a bean plant. Only time will tell.

OK, now that you've seen what little growth we have, I have a confession for you. This is embarrassing, but I'm going to tell you-all anyway.

Here it goes...

There are other things growing in our garden, and I don't know if they are weeds or plants. *Hangs head in shame.* But, like, for real. I don't know. So I have kind of just been leaving some stuff to grow that could be plants, but are likely weeds. And I've also pulled some things that are likely plants, but look like weeds.

This gardening business is stressful! I wish my garden was looking more like Amanda's right now. Her little greenhouse is GORGEOUS and luscious. I wanna be all up in that.

Anyway, what I've decided is, once the rain stops, I'm going to give the garden a good once-over. Then, I'm going to replant whatever hasn't grown and hope for the best. Fingers crossed the second time's a charm.

Does anyone have an extra green thumb to send my way?


  1. Oh no, stupid frost! I'm sorry. But at least some of those seeds were strong enough to make it. Hopefully you can plant some and have them thriving in no time!

    And I have the same problem with plants/weeds. I don't want to pull anything just incase its some kind of plant I would want. I'm pretty sure I have been watering a pot that is nothing but weeds, haha. So no need to feel ashamed.

    Thanks for linking to my greenhouse :)

  2. You're doing much better than I ever would. I am an awful gardener. Simply awful, nothing I plant stays alive! -_-'