Friday, June 15, 2012

A summer of music

It's the middle of June! I know. I know. That's not news to anyone, but I'm excited! Not just because June 15 is always payday. I'm excited because in one week my summer of music begins. First stop: Banff National Park for Music in the Park, where Dan Mangan and Sam Roberts will be playing an outdoor show. For all of the non-Canadians, these guys are two of our better musicians. (Please don't judge our music scene on Nickleback, Celine Dion, Avril Lavigne and Shania Twain alone. I promise you we have more to offer.)

Is it just me or does Dan Mangan look a bit like Seth Rogan?
Also, isn't that song the best?

I'm so excited to go on a little adventure to see these guys perform. It's the perfect way to prepare me for my next big musical adventure: Folk on the Rocks. Folk is an annual festival in Yellowknife. Last year it fell on my last weekend in YK before I hopped on a plane to Nunavut for a seven week placement. It was the perfect send off. There are a bunch of stages and tons of fantastic musicians. The highlights last year were Rae Spoon, Luke Doucet, and Fred Penner. (If you're not Canadian, you probably don't get what a big deal it was to see Fred sing Sandwiches. If you are Canadian and you've never seen him sing Sandwiches, you're probably GREEEEEEEEN with envy, and you should be. It was awesome!)

At this year's festival, I'm soooo excited to see Ron Sexsmith, Timber Timbre, Said the Whale, Indo Saravanja, Ohbijou and Bruce Cockburn.

What musical adventures are you going on this summer?


  1. That sounds like it will be such a magical adventure! As a fellow handmade shop owner, I'd love you to join my first ever linkup about buying/owning handmade and local!
    xo bhrett

  2. I AM green with envy re: Fred Penner. I still remember seeing him "live and in person" when I was a kid!

    I am also so so jealous of your trip to Folk on the Rocks. Your "excited to see" list looks completely delicious. HAVE FUN!!

  3. I was JUST listening to that song. It really is the best. {And yes, he does look like Seth Rogen! Haha} Have fun on your trip. <3

  4. Sounds like fun! I've seen Dan Mangan countless times (okay, so more like 5, but that is practically countless right?) and in fact even designed a set of pinback buttons from his robot love song! He even owns a set and although I've never actually seen him wear them I did creepily photoshop an image of him wearing them and set it as my desktop background!

    I'm too broke for any concerts this year, but Sam Roberts is amazing live and Said the Whale are always a crowd pleaser! Have fun! I'm so jealous!