Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Thankful Tuesday

Are you sick of me being thankful yet? Would you prefer that I was always a grumpus writing about the things I don't understand? If yes, you'll just have to deal with my happy-thankful side too, because, you know what? I have one of those. I'm a multidimensional lady, dontcha know? So some days I'm thankful and other days I'm all, what the hell were you thinking? I think it's a good balance. It's been working for me so far, so I figure I'll stick with it. So, without further ado, it's time for me to get my thank on.

So this week, I'm thankful for...

1. The fact that my glasses, which I picked out two weeks ago, will be arriving today. Or at least they are supposed to be arriving today. If they don't arrive today, I will no longer be thankful. Thankfulness will go right out the window and I will be all like, "I don't understand!".

2. Soda water. Could there be a better beverage? I swear I go through at least three cans a day, and when I'm feeling a little less lazy than I am right now, I even put it in a mason jar glass with some ice and lime, which totally kicks it up a notch. You know what else soda water is good for? Mojitos! Totally thankful for those, too.

3. Birthdays. Not my own, but other people's, because I get to eat delicious food. Ian's was on Thursday and yesterday was my friend Melissa's, so basically I ate a lot and it was glorious. (Ian hates cake, so I bought one for his friends and me and got him a block of double gloucester cheese. He was quite pleased, as was I. Red velvet cake, yes please!)

4. Productive work days. Sometimes I don't have enough to do, so I get bored and then tired and then grumpy. So I end up sitting at my desk glaring at a computer screen. Yesterday, I didn't have a moment to glare. I had to work and boy did it feel good.

5. Friends and family who travel. I have received three postcards in the last couple of weeks!  I love it. We all know how I feel about snail mail, but can you really beat snail mail from far off lands? No. You can't. It's the best. So keep 'em coming friends!

What are you thankful for this week?


  1. Oh I just found your blog and I am in love. I love your things I don't understand thread it is so creative and funny! Its a great way of saying things I hate but nicer... D you mind if I steal it? I would give you credit of course. I totally feel you on the twilight rant... I can't stand twilight!

    New follower and so excited :)

  2. Chickens! Chickens! I am totally thankful for chickens!

    I'm also thankful for all the wonderful children in my class. Their kindness, enthusiasm about everything in life and their senses of humour truly make me feel that everything is alright in the world.



  3. I'm a firm believer that there are no coincidences, that things happen for a reason and it is up to us to figure it out. So today, this very moment, I am thankful that I "coincidently" found your blog! Your's is a dream I sometimes feel I missed the train to...


    p.s. I'm a nonfeline visitor...shhhhh
    p.s.s. giggled at #3 Rude People (love this post)
    p.s.s.s. down with the Bellas of the world!!! Woo Hoo!!!
    p.s.s.s.s It's a Deal!...but I do like reggae though!
    p.s.s.s.s.s I promise this is the last one (for now)..a new loyal follower ;)


    1. Haha. You don't have to stop with the p.s.s.s.s.s.s's if you don't want to. I won't judge! ;)