Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Thankful Tuesdays


Yesterday was a toughy, but sometimes you just need to leave the crap behind and remember the good things. I probably wouldn't be writing that sentence if I hadn't come across Felicity's Thankful Tuesdays post a few minutes ago, but seeing her list of really simple things reminded me that although everything isn't perfect in my life, I still have a lot to be thankful for.

Here are a just a few of the things I'm feeling thankful for this week:

1. Fresh Rice Krispie squares topped with chocolate and peanut butter. If those don't make you feel better, what will?

2. My garden. Things are finally starting to sprout up and I am freaking out with excitement. (Once the growth is large enough to photograph, I'll be all over it for a garden update.)

3. Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen. I swear, hearing him tell people off makes me so happy. The way he does it is just so brilliant. Ian and I quote him in the house all the time and then end up doubled over with laughter.

4. The mountains. Although I've been in Jasper for about eight months now, I still look up at them in awe. I definitely need to climb one this summer.

5. My craft station and all of my supplies. With the craft fair coming up this weekend, it's been awesome having everything I need to get my work done. I also adore the fact that I have somewhere to store it all and I don't have to shove it into a closet somewhere.

6. The Hunger Games series. I know I am WAY behind on this one, but I finished the first book on Saturday and then immediately dove into the second one. I'm already more than halfway through it. Holy man are they good. I can't believe I resisted them this long.

 7. Coffee. I cut caffeine out of my life for a month and in the last couple of weeks I've welcomed it back with open arms. It's so good to be reunited, even if I've cutback on my daily intake, some is better than none.

 8. Trisha from Veranellies. I found Trisha's blog because of a comment she left about hiding old esthetician heads in the walls of her home in the hopes that if someone renovates in the future, they'll have a startling surprise. I immediately emailed her after that, thinking, 'I need to know this girl.' Ever since, we've been messaging back and forth and I've been really enjoying our new-found friendship.

Considering I was bummed out about 10 minutes ago, eight things to be thankful for is pretty impressive. Just thinking about them and typing them out actually made me feel a heck of a lot better.

What are you thankful for?

P.S. Don't you adore the "Look on the bright side" image at the top? I found it on Holly & Company, another new-found blog. Be sure to check it out. Holly posts awesome photos of her scrapbook adventures. They're definitely worth a gander.


  1. Coffee is always one of my big things I'm thankful for XD
    I should do a post like this. It always does good to remember these things

  2. Sorry yesterday was tough, hope things start getting beter soon. Also I'm so excited to hear that your garden is starting to sprout! It seriously is so exciting and I can hardly wait to see pictures! And I completely agree with you about the rice krispie treats, talk about yum!

  3. i was reading your list and already coming up with what i was going to reply..then i got to number 8 and it was me! you are too awesome, i'm so grateful for making your list and the fact that my sarcasm and weird venting emails have brought you happiness! (hahah thats funny to think that venting emails bring anyone pleasure!) but i feel the same way and am really happy to have made a new friend- so "right back at ya!"

    and i just have to say anyone that calls another grown man or woman "a donkey" is A+ in my book! (thats really the only reason to watch that show - to see what hes going to say next, its awesome!)

  4. Hey Nicole!

    See, I told you I'd popped by! (Another thing to be thankful for? I think so! Hahaha. I kid, I kid). Seriously though, looks like you have a lot to be thankful for so I'm glad I could help you to remember the smaller things in life. :) I have a huge assignment due today that, due to a million other assignments, I only just started yesterday.. yet somehow I still find the time to enjoy the smaller things, such as reading lovely blogs like yours. :P

    Have a lovely day!
    - Felicity. xx

    p.s. I loved the images you chose for this post. They're so beautiful!