Saturday, June 23, 2012

Thrift finds, ponchos and Canadian tunes

Isn't he the cutest? On Thursday night, I was walking to my car after a volunteer shift at this awesome little thrift shop in Jasper, when I saw something scurry across the road. Then, as I got closer, I saw this little dude poke his head out. He was looking across the road at his buddy. Then, before he could hide behind the log, I snuck a bit closer and snapped a photo.

That same night, I also found an amazing turquoise purse for $4. I'll show you photos soon, I promise. But for now, a picture of my new little buddy will have to do, because I'm just heading out the door to Banff!! It's Dan Mangan and Sam Roberts time, friends.

And even though it's supposed to rain all day, I don't care. I'm still going to have an awesome time wearing my poncho, drinking coffee from a travel mug and rocking out to some good Canadian tunes.

Happy weekend!

What are you-all up to?


  1. That is such a cute little critter!

    My weekend plans are to do absolutely nothing after THE most stressful week ever!


  2. awww! he's so cute, i want him to come hang out in my yard!

  3. Aww don't you just love nature and animals! He is cute!

  4. I just clicked over from secondhand sundays and am so glad I did! Your blog name caught my eye. Are you in Jasper, BC?? Like, the cutest little town ever smack dab in the middle of two amazing national parks?! I went there last Summer and LOOOOOOVED it!! I want to go back so badly!!

  5. Aww. This little guy is adorable!