Sunday, June 10, 2012

Weekend of happy dances

I have so many reasons to be happy right now. If Ian wasn't sleeping, I'd be pumping some reggae and dancing around the living room. It's just that kind of morning and it's been that kind of weekend.

Let's start with today.

While I was still lying in bed this morning, I checked my email on the ol' Blackberry and I found I had 12 new comments here at Gypsy in Jasper. At first I was like, "What the what?! I haven't even posted yet today." But then I realized why! The lovely and talented and absolutely hilarious Elycia featured me on her blog today. Queue happy dance! Like honest to god, I jumped out of bed, ran out of the bedroom and did a little jig where Ian couldn't hear/see me.

It was something a little like this, but without the candle stick or the splits:

(Fresh Prince had to be one of the best shows, ever! The theme song alone is an absolute gem. If only TV was like that still. Instead, now we have Jersey Shore and The Real Housewives of Orange County. ICK!)

Anyway, Elycia is like totally my favourite, so now you know why I woke up happy today. But that's not where the weekend happiness ends. You know the craft fair I've been talking about all week, well it finally happened and I managed to sell a dozen hair clips in just a few hours.

(The fair was held in the arena because it was pouring rain outside. It was so cold in the building that I had to get Ian to bring me my vintage old man sweater and my alpaca scarf!)
It's so nice having a model. Ian had all of the old ladies stopping in for a chat and a gander. Isn't he handsome?

The best part of the fair was seeing the kids picking out a hair clip and immediately clipping them in their hair. It's so much better than selling them online and not knowing who is receiving them. There was one girl, who couldn't have been older than three, who colour coordinated her hair clip to her jacket! Oh my goodness, she was adorable. She was wearing this super stylish light pink raincoat with white accents, so she chose a white hair clip with a pink button. LOVE IT! I wish I had a photo of her with the clip in her little blonde ringlets. I might hate kids, but this one was damn cute!

The other great thing about yesterday was that I managed to triple the size of my in-progress afghan. I'm so stoked. My goal is to finish it before June 23, so that I can sit on it while I watch Sam Roberts and Dan Mangan perform at Music in the Park.

I hope you-all had a happy dance worthy weekend as well. What did you get up to?


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    1. Don't be jealous. Fly to Banff and go with me!! ;)

  2. I've already said this once before, but I will say it again! Yay!!! I'm so happy for you! What a great Sunday indeed!

  3. sounds like an awesome weekend! i'm so glad the show went well yesterday, it's always the best selling in person. when i had my dog cookie business i had a regular, this is hilarious. one of the treats i made were "dipped ice cream cone cookies" they were a peanut butter cookie dipped in yogurt, then dipped in carob (again for DOGS) but this little boy LOVED them and would eat them at the Boston Bizarre. It was fun to watch him grow older, each year he'd come over and get cookies and eat them as he walked away. The last year that we did the show he then had a new little brother, who just like him LOVED the cookies. his mom yelled at them and told them they had to wait until after dinner to eat their treats. it was awesome, Kevin and I were dying.

    again so glad you had such a great weekend!!

  4. Aaw, I found you through Elycia's blog and I'm very glad I did. I like your little blog very much!

    Those hair clips are so adorable! They suit Ian perfectly!


  5. I just found your blog Via Elycia today and wanted to say a huge thank you! I have been REALLY enjoying reading it, and found As Luck Would Have It through your Simplicity post, and signed up to it too! Thank you!! :) Jules

    1. I'm so glad that you've joined the Simplicity Project. It's a really great idea. I've been doing fairly well at stick to my goals, until today anyway. Today I've been on the computer for hours and hours. Maybe it's time to shut it down and grab my book.

      Thanks for the reminder!!