Monday, June 4, 2012

Where's my party?


This weekend I attended a high school graduation. At least once a year, in my last three years as a reporter, I've had to cover a graduation or two, whether it be for a high school or a university, and every year they bum me out. I know it's totally silly, but with three under my belt and no more in my foreseeable future, I kind of resent new graduates. I think to myself, now that I'm through high school, my undergrad and my master's, when will there ever be another party just for me?

I know the obvious one for ladies my age is my wedding day, but honestly that will never happen. I refuse to walk down the aisle. I refuse to wear the dress or sign the papers. I just straight-up refuse to do any of it. It's not for me. Just like babies aren't for me, so that rules out a baby shower. So I ask you, when's my next party? When are people ever going to celebrate my accomplishments or my life? It just seems like now that I'm out of school, my life will forever more - at least until retirement - revolve around a job. And with jobs there are very few celebrations of your work and if there is a celebration, it's probably just a pat on the back, not an excuse to get dressed up, eat delicious food and drink delicious beverages with all of your friends.

So anyway, I guess what I'm asking is, does anyone want to throw me a we love you because you're awesome party? I think I'm almost due for a celebration. If it makes it easier, it could coincide with my birthday. But it really doesn't have to. Anytime will do.

(This rant was brought to you by a privileged white girl with first world problems.)

UPDATE: This post was meant to be comical, not pathetic. Sarcasm fail! But thanks anyways to everyone who has commented with celebration ideas.


  1. Aww, you just need to celebrate for no reason at all! Get your girls together and celebrate a good hair day. Or celebrate some new nail polish. Or a good bottle of wine. =)

  2. You can throw a party for yourself whenever you want! Set aside a date, tell your friends, arrange for there to be a lot of food, good music, and fun stuff to do, and voila! I don't think celebrating yourself should be limited to graduations or weddings at all.

  3. My bff and I love to throw themed parties. They're tons of fun, and while they're not explicitly about celebrating yourself, if you do a good enough job you can always collect on some sweet compliments ;-) Pinterest is always full of ideas, but off the top of my head I've done a Mustaquerade Party, Bacon-Themed Party, Manatees vs Australians (it's a long story, but it was themed as a competition game party with everyone assigned to one side or another), as well as a Monsters vs Aliens (similar to the previous one). They're a ton of work, but it always pays off! Also, for throw birthday parties! I like to throw elaborate birthday parties for myself, which feels vain except I make sure to have parts that are about guests. I created a Secret Society (very hush hush) and my my last birthday party the initiation ceremony for my friends.
    C Marcia (Sequins)

  4. if i lived near you i'd throw you a party - but well, you know me and my hermitism i probably wouldn't show! but it would be a damn good party.

    as for babies - im right there with you, no babies popping out of this vagina, no thank you!

    as for weddings, i was the same way. never thought we'd actually get married. then i caved. BUT it was NOT a traditional wedding. who else can say they had a dunking booth and an ice cream truck at their wedding?! im sure not too many. also pig races..yeah..i had those too. didn't get the fluffy dress, just a cute dress from never say never (except when it comes to living things coming out of your body! hahah)


  5. Did you ever watch that Sex and the City episode where Carrie sent out invitations that she was marrying herself, lol, she was tired of always buying wedding gifts and baby gifts and figured it wasn't fair because she knew she wasn't gunna do any of those things haha.

  6. Ahahahaha! I love your 'Update'. Let's have a sarcasm party. Or a failed sarcasm party, whatever.