Wednesday, July 4, 2012

90210 meets Blossom

As you might recall from yesterday's post, Ian and I attended a 90s Canada Day party on the weekend, and as you can clearly see, we didn't take the 90s requirement lightly. We were by far the most convincing 90s specimens at the party. Ian reminded me of Dylan from 90210, which I thought was actually kind of hot, because, I mean, who wasn't in love with Dylan. I definitely was. So in love, in fact, I even had a Dylan Barbie doll. His hair was slicked back plastic. So dreamy!

For my costume (and my wardrobe in Grade 4), Blossom was definitely my inspiration. The hat originally had a floppy brim, so I folded it up and fastened it with the flower, to look just like the one I wore in my school picture when I was 10. I was so fashionable as a kid!

Is my fanny pack not the best thing you've seen all day? I used it as my purse that night and, I gotta say, it was actually pretty convenient. On the other hand, it was a little weird to be wearing it when Ian started digging through it to find his tobacco pipe. We definitely generated some stares as he was rooting around in what appeared to be my crotch.

But, then again, likely not as many as when Ian used his Swiss Army knife to turn my pants into cut offs. Why is that weird you ask? Well, because I was still wearing my pants at the time. I tell ya, if we're not the life of the party, who the hell is?

I guess I should mention, the reason I wanted cut offs was so I could dip my legs in the hot tub, and there was no rolling up those 90s, mum-bum jeans. 

So, Blossom or 90210? Does Dylan win this costume contest or did Blossom reign supreme?


  1. Your costume just might be my favorite of all time! I absolutely loved Blossom when I was younger, she was so cool and quirky. And I am pretty sure I had something very similar in my own wardrobe growing up, haha. Looks like you had an amazing time.

  2. I like blogs updates with Ian's smile in them.

  3. Oh my goodness! You both win! For sure! Such awesome costumes! haha!

  4. I love the fanny pack. I vote for blossom because your hat is exactly like the one I remember from the opening credits.

  5. Definitely love the Blossom look. And that fanny pack! HA! They are making a comeback, y'know.

    Ahhh...Mom jeans...gotta love 'em.