Monday, July 16, 2012

Another goal off the list

Setting realistic goals is the best! It feels so damn good to cross things off my list of summer goals. It reminds me that I'm living my life rather than watching it pass by. Seriously, if you haven't written your own list, I highly recommend writing one that is achievable. That way, you can go out and do things like fishing from a boat on Pyramid Lake and then go home and cross it off your list, just like I did on Saturday.

See! Here I am discovering that I can't row for shit. Like, for reals, I am the worst. For some reason I don't have the ability to lock my wrists, so instead of keeping my oars straight, they were wobbling all over the place and striking the water horizontally instead of vertically. I felt a bit turdy about my horrendous abilities and for making Ian do all of the rowing, but, in the same breath, it was also kind of great because I got to feel like a real "lady" with my handsome man rowing me to a romantic location. You know, like in the movies.

The only difference is that this was the face my "handsome man" was making after he had to row for like 20 straight minutes. I'm pretty sure that's not the face Colin Firth was making in Bridget Jones when he was rowing around with that other lady. (Miranda, maybe? I can't remember her name. Obviously she's not very important. She's no Bridget, after all.) Anyway, I guess I should learn to row. Or, maybe next time we should rent a paddle boat or a canoe so I can lend a less feeble hand.

So, of course, the whole purpose of getting out on the water was to take out or fishing rods. Up until Saturday, I was pretty convinced all it would take for us to catch our first BIG fish of the season was a boat. Sadly, I was misinformed. We didn't even get a nibble. I gotta be honest, I am dying to get a fresh fish on my barbecue, so this not catching anything is torture. It really is a good thing that I find casting and being out on the water relaxing, otherwise this whole fishing thing would be a wash. This season, I've only caught two teeny-tiny bull trout - which are on the endangered species list - and that's it! The fishing gods just aren't on my side this year.

That won't stop me from trying, though. I'll be back on the water in no time giving it my best.

How are your summer goals coming along? Is rowing on the list? If yeah, good luck with it!


  1. My summer is nearly over already :( Good work on crossing something off the list!

  2. Congrats on crossing this off your list! I am sorry you didn't catch any fish, but there is always a next time.

    If the weather cooperates this week, I am fully prepared to check off a bunch of goals. And if it doesn't, at least I'll get some cleaning done!

  3. I gotta get working on my list!! I don't think Will would be very impressed at having to row me around either. They just looove to complain.

  4. you are in one beautiful place!

    come say hello over at

    Have an amazing week!

  5. That lake is gorgeous. But I feel a little like Jason might be peaking his head out in those trees! Just kidding?! I ALMOST got to cross my "do something spontaneous" but I started researching and planning..I don't know if I'll ever get that one on my list. I had to put a couple on there that really would push myself to do something different. So we'll see - I still have lots of weekends left before Fall!

    Hope you are having a great time!!

  6. I am currently at home in MN and LOVING getting out on the lakes! It's been so lovely. And, yeah, rowing is WAY harder than it looks like it's going to be. You should me in a canoe...not pretty. Ha!

  7. It looks like you had a fantastic time!

    I'm writing a list too and it feels so good to strike things off!


  8. Lists are really great, after doing one you really see that you didn't waste your time at all.
    Fantastic place!


  9. I couldn't say that rowing is on my list of things to do this Summer, but I wish I could go off on a boat like that! Looks so fun (and I've never done it before). :D

  10. oh man, i wish summer would never end. Its the only season I ever make a list of fun stuff to do and stick to it. It just seems like there is too much going on the rest of the year. Maybe its time to change that!

  11. I always thought that if the man was rowing.. there would be pretty swans everywhere, rain storms and wet kisses. I feel so misled! I blame The Notebook for that.
    Maybe wrist braces are in order for you? Think how cool you'd look then!! ;o)
    Way to be a summer-achiever by the way. My goal is to make it day by day through this heat without going over my 10-hissy-fits a day quota.
    Mel ;o)
    needle and nest

  12. Oh yay! After a few fantastic guest posts I found your own posting!!! :P

    I love fishing, but I haven't caught a fish in years. It just seems to be one of those things! I'll be chilling out on a rock, baiting the hook and throwing my line in time and time again, and won't get a bite. My little brother will be 5 meters away getting nibbles all the time and somehow he always manages to land a lovely edible fish. Ah well, one day!!

    Really enjoying the blog, can't wait to read more :) Rhi xx

    The Wildest of Dreams