Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Canadian 4th of July

OK, so the Fourth of July is just a day in Canada. There are no fancy fireworks or barbecues. Basically we all go to work and things progress as if it were a regular old work day. But, for some reason, yesterday, without even thinking about it, I got up and got dressed as if I was celebrating Independence Day. I wore a red and white striped sailor shirt and a blue cardigan. So, of course, once I realized what I had done, I had to get out the bugle and celebrate some good ol' fashioned independence!

The funny thing about this outfit is that I didn't even wear red or white on Canada Day. I was a doofus and walked around in a black and white top while everyone around me was wearing our national colours. I must read too many American blogs because my internal clock is clearly aligning with my southern neighbour, instead of with my home country. I know. I know. For shame!

In other news, you know how bloggers talk about how awkward it is taking outfit photos in public? Try doing it with a bugle! People think you're a straight-up nutbar. But, in the long run, don't you think it's worth the stares to take silly photos? I definitely do!

From top to bottom: 
Shirt: Thrifted (Yay for a new Value Village find!)
Cardigan: Walmart
Belt: Bombshell
Jeans: Thirfted
Shoes: American Eagle
Bugle: Thrifted

I hope all of my American friends had an awesome Fourth of July. And for all of the Canadians out there, don't be afraid to celebrate foreign holidays. It can definitely liven up an otherwise typical Wednesday!


  1. You dressed more patriotically than I did! I like the stripes--very cute. Also, can you actually play the bugle? Err, does one play the bugle?

  2. Super adorable outfit and super adorable photos! It can get a little embarrassing to take outfit photos in public, but it's part of the fun of blogging. Love the prop!


  3. Haha, the bugel is obviously the outfit maker. Happy belated Canada Day! ;)

  4. traitor!! lol... I'm going to have to mail you some bannock soaked in maple syrup with a jug of Timmies coffee just to snap you back to you roots! Granted, you'd make a pretty cute American in that outfit, and the bugle makes you that much more awesome of a 'poser'... ya, hoser. ;o)
    P.S.. thanks for stopping by my Nest here, and for your sweet words!
    Mel ;o)
    needle and nest

  5. I love that belt! You look so cute in your red, white & blue. And I can't believe you have a bugle!

    I wasn't wearing red & white on Canada Day either...