Friday, July 6, 2012

For the love of summer: a to do list


Little Miss Sunshine has come out to greet us and unless the forecast is a big fat lie -- as it so often is -- the warm rays will continue through the weekend. Can I get a Hallelujah?

After being in Kelowna where it is lush and green and oh! so warm, I was slightly miserable when I arrived home to find rain, rain and more freaking rain. So, the sight of the number 30 on the Weather Network's website, almost made me crap my pants... or something a little more dainty than that. I nearly fainted, with my hand on my forehead when I saw that glorious number.


Is that better, my squirmy, poo-joke hating friends?

Anyway, to the point. Today's sunshine has reminded me that I haven't set any goals for what I would like to accomplish this summer, and if you know me, that just won't do. I need me a list. If I don't have things set out ahead of time, my summer will be a total wash. Remember how I suck at spontaneity? I wasn't joking. If I don't plan things, I'll end up sitting around at the end of August saying, "What!? Summer's over? Why have I been sitting in this diaper full of shit when I could've been wearing clean underwear while camping?

So, without further ado, here is a list of exciting summer activities that I intend to do while wearing a fresh pair of panties.


1. Make a key lime pie, like this one.

2. Go to Yellowknife and rock out to amazing bands.

3. Kayak!

4. Fish from a boat on Pyramid Lake.

5. Hike.

6. Take beautiful pictures of all of my adventures.

8. Meet up with my childhood friend Jessica, her baby and her man.

9. Drink so many mojitos that by the end of August my mint plant no longer has leaves.

10. Finish crocheting my afghan blanket while sitting around a campfire with good friends.

What are you up to this summer? Do you have a poop-free list?

**Did you notice something totally unusual on my blog today? I POSTED A PICTURE OF CATS! What the hell is the world coming to? (For those of you who are new around these parts, here's some context.)**


  1. Mojitos yummy! I hope the sunshine stays out for awhile for you guys!

    Our big summer plan is to finish up the house enough so we can move in!!

  2. Great list :) I made one too: Some of ours are the same. ♥Lindsay

  3. Great list! I took a look at my summer list again, and unless this heat we're having lets up, I'm not going to be getting any of it done.

  4. Sounds like I should be getting my ass to yellowknife. how i miss having a travel fund! treasure every moment!
    xo bhrett

  5. i'm impressed with the cat photo, cat loving bloggers everywhere are rejoicing and rubbing their little hands together, crouched over, chanting "we've converted another one..."

    all kidding aside - i love this, you should see my house. i am a definite list maker. it drives my husband crazy i think because literally, notes and lists are everywhere. my main "to-do" list is on my little dry erase board on my fridge with the top 10 things to complete this summer (ie. on the house) but thats no fun- that's all work. which is usually all i think about. i'm such a slave driver. i need to make a list of fun things to do so that it's not just not another all work kind of summer..

    be on the look out - i'll have to come up with some exciting adventures!

  6. I am excited to get back to town and see how my mojito mint plant has flourished! Maybe if you come to Edmonton, you can join me for a drink!

    I have fished in Pyramid Lake, and paddled a boat around, but never both at the same time. And then I heard a story about somebody boating around in there, watching a moose swim beneath them.! I'm not sure if that makes me more or less excited about the boating prospects there.

    I think I will have to stop reading your blog now, as you are clearly a crazy cat blogger. Geez louise!