Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Guest post: Amanda from Little Lady Little City

Oh my goodness guys, I'm finally on the road! I'm heading to Edmonton today and then tomorrow I'll be hopping on a jet plane to Yellowknife! But of course, I couldn't leave you-all hanging all week for me to get back, so instead I have the most lovely of lovely bloggers here to keep you company - beginning with... DRUM ROLL, PLEASE... the amazing Amanda of Little Lady Little City. Seriously folks, this girl is so inspiring and cool. Read on to find out what makes her so bad-ass.

Hi everyone, I'm Amanda from Little Lady Little City, and I'm so excited to be doing a guest post for Nicole because as you all know she is all kinds of amazing! I seriously look forward to all her posts, as I am sure you do too.
When Nicole ask me to do this guest post she kindly allowed me free range of topics to write about. Honestly the first thing and only thing that popped into my head was to write about the house I am building with my fiancé, Will.

The house so far!
So to begin with a little back story: Will and I met after college while living in Los Angeles working whatever jobs we could to afford the city. After both living out there for a couple years we decided we had enough with the big city and decided to move out to the boonies of West Virginia to build a house in an old abandoned apple orchard on top of a mountain. We are both extremely fortunate that we work freelance (video editors/post production visual effects) so making such a dramatic move was possible without having to change our careers.  Will grew up working on houses with his parents who are both general contractors, so the whole building a house from the ground up was nothing new for him. For me on the other hand, it has been a whole other story! 

This is what the land first looked like when we started three years ago (yup we have been working on this bad boy for three years). I don't think either of us thought it would take that long to get it to where it is now, but between work and life it has. We are still beyond proud of what we've accomplished! 
The footers.
The ground is so incredibly rocky (I'm talking about rocks the size of my torso) that we were often set back due to the tires popping on our Bobcat as we tried to dig the area for our foundation.

Looking back on these pictures I can hardly believe that we dug that hole and poured those footers and then stacked all those cinder blocks. It was such an insane amount of work. I mean, look at that wall, it's already taller than me and that was at the very beginning!

But we eventually got the walls and the roof up! One of the hardest things about this house is laying every one of the cinder blocks. If I never have to pick up another cinder block in my life it will still be too soon, haha. This October Will and I will be getting married up here in the apple orchard next to the house, so we are hoping we can finish up the insides before the wedding. But, even if it doesn't get completely done I think everyone will have a great time just getting to see what we have spent the last three years working on. 

Thanks again to Nicole for allowing me to share some of our house building with you all! 
I hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday! 

Isn't their life just the coolest. I know the idea of spending three years building a house seems kind of crazy, but think of how good it's going to feel when that sucker is done! Holy man. I swear, Amanda and Will are the only people I know who can say they built their house from the ground up without the help of fancy contractors or construction workers, and if you ask me, that's something to be hella proud of. Thanks Amanda for sharing your story with everyone over here at GinJ. 

I have another treat for all of you readers out there tomorrow when Trisha from veranellies whips everyone into shape with a new pledge. Don't miss it! It's a good one. 


  1. this is amazing and so completely cool. i have an old victorian- which is being completely gutted and rebuilt basically! sometimes i wish we could have just built from the ground up! i dont know which is worse, starting from scratch or fixing over a hundred years of botched "fixes"!


  2. You built a house! That's insane. I can't even put together furniture from ikea on my own.

    Mad respect!

  3. Seriously so amazing! What a huge accomplishment! I think its cool you moved out to the mountains away from the city and were able to with both of your careers! :)

  4. Thanks so much for asking me to do a guest post, it was so much fun!

  5. I've always dreamed of building a house from the ground up with someone I love. This post is definitely inspiring me to keep that goal in mind :D Rhi xx

    The Wildest of Dreams