Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Guest post: A challenge from Trisha at veranellies

The guest posts continue today with yet another fantastic bloggy pal of mine, Trisha from veranellies. I found Trisha's blog a couple of months back after she commented on a Love Elycia post. Her comment - about putting esthetician heads into the walls of her home for unsuspecting future renovators to find - was so hilarious that I immediately emailed here. And, here we are a couple months later, still chatting together, laughing together, and even sharing blog space. So, without further ado, please welcome Trisha to GinJ.

Hi Everyone! As you may know, Nicole is away and has asked some bloggers to take over her space while she's gone. I am really honored that she asked me to take part, but I did warn her she may see a decrease in readership when she comes back. This is a normal occurrence when you ask a sarcastic, 30-something to take over for the day. If I had more time I would have found the statistics to back up this statement, you'll just have to trust me on my findings.

Introductions.. my name is Trisha and I blog over at veranellies. I love antiquing (I collect vintage metal lunchboxes, pyrex and 50's cat eye glasses), creating (recently I finished building- yes I personally built - a studio in my backyard), baking and starting new businesses. I always seem to have a new business idea and am currently in the process of starting up two businesses. I also love sewing, knitting and crocheting. Sleeping is not a high priority for me!

I talked to Nicole before she left about what she would want me to share with you all and she left it very wide open. I obviously joked with her that I am a very boring person and have nothing of interest to share. But she demanded this was not true, to stop being a wacko and to just write.

So... if you have made it this far, you are doing well and thank you! What I decided to write about is a little bit about my adventure changing the way myself and my husband live. We have both always been very conscience about the environment; we never take plastic bags when we go to the market, we always bring our own reusable ones; we use natural cleaners; we shop for our food at a farmers' market and are in the process of turning our yards into different gardens in which we will be able to supply our own fruits and veggies, my husband is even going to keep organic bees starting next spring. I'm also in the process of opening an organic and all natural soap line - it will have bar soaps, lotions, lip balms, deodorants and salves.

While you think you may know a lot about "being green" sometimes it takes a documentary to open your eyes even wider. In the early spring I watched two different documentaries. One was Chemerical and the other was Bag It (click the links to be taken to my write ups about them). These movies changed my life and enlightened me even further. Like I said, I thought I knew it all in regards to "doing my part". It took a while before I posted about them because I was trying to decide what I wanted to say and how to say it without coming off as preaching to people. But when it comes right down to it, I feel extremely passionate about these issues and am willing to share any and all knowledge I have to help others "see the light". People need to know what is actually in their cleaners and soaps they put on their body and use in their homes. They need to know what plastics are doing to the environment. So I just decided to say it like it is. I'm a no BS type of girl. I don't want to hear any excuses as to why you can't or won't take part in making a small dent in helping the environment.

So here's my challenge to all of you. It's a small step. I'm not asking you-all to go as far as I have and make your own deodorant! Baby steps people, baby steps - I'm not expecting miracles here!

Here it is: stop taking a plastic bag or bags when you go to the market or shop. Bring your own canvas or cloth bag and if you forget yours, that is your punishment, figure out a way to balance everything on your person to get it out to your car or bicycle (it can become a game for you like those cheesy 80's and 90's game shows like Double Dare, just pretend Mark Summers will be at your car to give you a prize if you make it without dropping anything). I have done this many times (Mark Summers has never been at my car though.. so that sort of sucks). You get some very odd looks and the cashier will try to force as many plastic bags as they possibly can give you, on you, but be strong. Refuse! You know the notorious, one item in each bag thing they love to do, just say NO! I know you can do it. With this small step, work up from there.


Really look at the cleaners you have in your home. Realize what these can and are doing to yourself and your family and look into changing products. Method and Seventh Generation are both great companies that truly do use natural plant based ingredients. Both of these brands are sold pretty much everywhere - so make the switch..then go from far as you'd like to go.

Challenge your readers to do the same thing. Even if it's just a 30 day pledge to not use a single plastic bag. Like I said, start small and start with a goal you know is something feasible.

Please join me in just saying NO! I've created a few buttons, please post them on your blogs, join in and spread the movement! Please stop by my blog if you take the challenge and pass it on to your readers. I'd love to know and meet all of you willing to make a change.
Thank you all for reading, and thank you to Nicole for letting me take over her blog for a day!


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So guys, are you going to take the pledge? I know I am. In fact, you may have noticed that I already have a button up. So, what do you say? Shall we make a difference one bag at a time? Thanks so much to Trisha for writing this post and for starting this link-up. I'm excited to see who takes her up on this exciting challenge. Oh boy, I can't wait to be at the grocery store without bags so I can meet Mark Summers!!

My week of guest posts continues tomorrow with another way out of my element post. (Not to say I'm a plastic bag lover, I'm just a closeted greeny who doesn't know nearly as much about all-natural, organic, handmade, eco-friendly business as Trisha does.) Anyway, be sure to check in tomorrow to see what I have in store. It might inspire you to get a little bendy!


  1. it's not a 30 day pledge for us. It's a way of life :) also, we don't use ANY cleaning or beauty products (other than my make up occasionally). everything is baking soda, peroxide, lemon juice, vinegar, etc.

    Good luck on your pledge!
    xo bhrett

    1. it's my way of life too..i just wanted people to start out in baby steps..then they will realize how easy it is to not take something so useless and environmentally hazardous.

      i'm so glad to read someone else out there is on the same path as i am - we don't have any chemical cleaners either - all natural- all the way. thanks for being awesome!

      trisha @ veranellies

  2. I never take plastic bags at the grocery store. I am a total pile-it-on-my-body type person. And also, that's one of the reasons I carry a giant purse! And I have recently started giving my son things to carry back to the car. I figure he's almost seven, so he can start earning his keep, right!?

    I'm with Bhrett above. The only "cleaning products" I use at home are baking soda, vinegar, olive oil, etc. That also makes grocery shopping slightly simpler! Yay!

    I might not get a button, but I do accept your challenge!!

    1. super high 5 for being a pile it on my body person and using natural cleaners. i thought i would give people something easy and obtainable. hopefully they then realize how easy it is to not take plastic and then maybe can slowly move into other areas. its all about setting small goals and making a positive life change..

      trisha @veranellies

  3. lovely guest post!!
    I'll try the challenge - I may succeed as well as I am about to move to a remote island, where we won't go shopping very much at all, hence no bags! But when we do visit the supermarket I have a strapping tall 6ft 8 man with massive arms into which I will try and pile the shopping... rather than taking plastic bags.

    Do they charge you for plastic bags? Here it's either 2p or 5p per bag and shop assistants always have to ask you if you want a bag (even when you have a ridiculous amount of stuff and it makes them look moronic) because you are being charged for them.

    I think this measure was introduced to stop us using so many.. but I think we use just as much - now we all just pay for them too.

  4. yay! I hate plastic bags! ...and the button goes up. :)