Monday, July 23, 2012

Guest post: Things I don't understand with Lisa from Not Ladylike

Hey guys! I'm so excited to inform you that, although I'm away on a glorious Northern adventure, "Things I don't understand" will continue! You see, after I wrote my first TIDU post, my pal Lisa posted a comment with a list of her own things she doesn't understand. So I thought, 'How perfect! I should get her to do a post of her own.' So I asked and now here we are this fine Monday with five more things to add to the ever-expanding list of things we just don't understand.

Hidee Ho! I'm Lisa, and I blog over at notladylike. And I have been stalking Nicole for some time, I mean, quietly enjoying her blog! HA! So when she asked me to do a guest post of all things, I did one of those mid-air fist pump things and I may or may not have done a little awesome dance. And to boot, she asked for some "Things I Don't Understand". Well, my friends, I could fill an entire blog with things I don't understand.

So without further ado...

1. Facebook Games. Do they contribute overall to my brain power, or well-being, or society as a whole? No. Do they allow me to disconnect from real life and lose myself in the need to "harvest" corn, and move jewels around while I could be doing something productive? Yes, yes indeed. And most important, are the constant requests from my friends to join in their brain-drain super annoying and make me want to pull my hair out and cancel my Facebook account for ever and ever? You betcha!


2. Leaving the water on when brushing your teeth or washing your hands. What a waste! A little wet goes a long way people, and the water isn't getting any better for having been on this whole time. Geez Louise!


3. Texting while walking! Especially while crossing the street. I even saw an "old guy" doing it the other day. It's mostly just teenagers. (Those wee ones deserve a whole "Things I Don't Understand" post of their very own.) I really like it when they stick their foot out just shy of the curb and have to feel around for it, cause they know it's there somewhere, but they still don't want to divert their attention from the phone! Hilarious!! I will admit that I am guilty of this, but never in a public place!


4. Vanity plates. I don't know about your city, but 90% of the vanity plates in Edmonton are unintelligible. They are either some sort of inside joke, or initials of the driver and their close personal everyone they know. Or they  are cutesy and you can tell the owner tried to make a joke or a pun or be witty, but it is obviously not their strong suit! Or they are misspelled. Oh dear.

5. Hotel/casino resort complexes. We stayed one night in this casino/hotel in Vancouver last week, on our way home from Vancouver Island. It was kind of creepy, like, The Shining creepy. Maybe I just don't get casinos (that's on my list as well), but I really don't get the draw of a casino as your holiday destination. I had to walk about a kilometre (that's 0.62 miles for you Yanks) through a maze of "business centres" and the "spa" to find the darn pool. What I will admit, though, is that those were the comfiest, coziest, mattress-pillow combinations I have ever slept on in my whole life. Sigh... maybe I totally understand, but can't admit it to myself. Oh dear indeed.

And that is all, my friends! Thanks to Nicole for letting me play along. I am super jealous of her adventure North right now, but I will instead focus on my first day back at work after my nice vacation. Oh... crap.
Oh man! I learned my lesson why not to walk and text a couple years ago when I walked straight into a pole. My friends thought it was pretty hilarious and laughed so hard that I almost peed my pants. Let's just say, I walk and text less frequently than I used to. I'd rather make my friends wait a few minutes than see stars for the rest of the day. Anyway, a huge thanks to Lisa for doing a wicked-awesome job of filling in for me. This post was hilarious and so true. There isn't a single point that I wouldn't add to my own list. 

What don't you understand? Anything you want to add?


  1. Those facebook game things are probably the most annoying thing on that site. Every time I get a new invite, I just block the application so I won't get anymore invites from it and I won't have to see all the stupid "achievement" posts.

    Another thing I don't understand: "fox tails" as accessories. This is something that has baffled me since I first saw one at least 5 years ago.

  2. I had to Google what a "fox tail" accessory looks like. Agreed. Stupid. Unless you are dressing up as "Tails" from Sonic the Hedgehog for Halloween...and then, totally awesome... Funny how that works!