Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It's good to be back

Hey girls, heyyyy! I'm back. Slim Shady styles. And boy does it feel good. I didn't realize how much I loved all y'all until I took a step away from this little community to take a vacay. Who knew that even on vacation I would want to be writing and chatting with all of you lovely ladies? I sure didn't! I was expecting a sense of freedom. But nope. I missed you! And now I'm back.

So I bet you're all wondering how my delicious Northern adventure went. Amiright? Are you wondering? Or am I just being self-centred, assuming you care? No. That can't be true. Of course you care. Why else would you pop in?

*Deep breath.*

OK. Here it goes...

The sky just before midnight on Saturday! That's right, it's light out at midnight. Pretty great, right?
The vacation was AWESOME. Yellowknife was just as beautiful as I remembered it. The sun was out until at least 12 a.m. each night and even when it went down, it was still light out. I must say, I miss that. In Jasper, it's "light out" until about 10:30, but not as light out as it is in Yellowknife. Plus, with the mountains surrounding us, we rarely get to see a sunset. In Yellowknife, on the other hand, there is almost a guarantee you'll see a gorgeous sunset every night. And then a few hours later, you'll also get a beautiful sunrise. (I apologize for not taking any photos of them. For some reason, I found myself leaving my camera in my bag for a lot of the weekend. Strange, I know!)

 So here's a quick and dirty rundown of what went down North of 60.
  • I went for a walk and enjoyed some girl talk with two of my best girls.
  • Ate an amazing dinner prepared by Ian's mom.
  • Witnessed my pals from Jasper surprising their sister/sister-in-law for her birthday. (She lives in Yellowknife!) She cried, and it was great... especially since she was on stage in the middle of a gig when the fam walked in.
  • Danced at my FAVOURITE bar, the Gold Range.
  • Ate an 81 from the Noodle House. (The best Vietnamese restaurant around.)
  • Drank mojitos on a patio with my girl Nicole.
  • Saw a ton of amazing Canadian bands at Folk on the Rocks. (I'll tell you more about that on Friday!)
  • Attended a wicked-awesome after party with all of the bands.
  • Went for a swim in Long Lake with my new pink flippy-floppy flippers.
  • Ate an enormous brunch with a couple of pals.
  • Got a bit of a sunburn.
  • Participated in the renaming of Ian's parents' new boat. It included champagne at 10 a.m. and then waffles. Not a bad way to start your day!
  • Shared a plane with Ron Sexsmith.

My flippy-floppies, courtesy of Ian/the back of his buddy's car. Thanks to both of them for improving my swimming experience by one million. I can't wait to put these bad-boys to good use this summer.

So, as you can see, it was a wicked trip. I have to admit, though, I'm happy to be home. It felt good to walk into our apartment yesterday afternoon. I guess that just means I'm living in the right place, even if I do miss Yellowknife from time to time.

Well guys, that's all for today. I'll recap the festival on Friday, so you can see how close I was to the amazing Canadian artists who made the journey to the land of the midnight sun. As for tomorrow, it's time for another What to Wear, and it'll be an exciting one, as we have a few new contributors!! In total, I think there will be five of us showing you what to wear in the garden. Be sure to pop by to check out my outfit and to find the links to the other lovely ladies' blogs.

I hope everyone had a great week! What have you-all been up to in my absence?


  1. Those are the best things I have ever seen! Oh my word!

    It looks like a beautiful place and sounds like you had a great time.


  2. Oh goodness, those flippy-floppies... straight up adorable! Sounds like you had an awesome trip. :]

    Kayla ☆

  3. Sounds like you had a great time! Ron Sexsmith!! That's just plain awesome.

    What to wear in the garden, eh? This might just be the kick in the pants I need to get my blogging buzz back on! I have a garden! I wear clothes! Exclamation Points!

    Those flipper things are awesome! Never have I ever seen anything like them.

  4. what the .. are those flippy-floppies! holy mother! hahah those are too funny.

    and well..being not Canadian.. I had no clue where Yellowknife was so I just decided to google it and mother of pearl that is in the middle of no where!! from the pictures tho- it looks simply gorgeous..

    hey you didn't tell me you were doing a "what to wear " for the garden! I could have done this one! people would have been impressed with my dirty shorts and bare feet.

    glad to have you back lady!
    trisha @

  5. Sounds like a really neat vacation! I really want to get up to northern canada and alaska during the summer sometime, The furthest I've ever been is Edmonton. Can't wait to see more!

  6. Welcome back to the internets! Also your flippy floppies are redundodonkulous. I'm hoping there's more of a story, and that we get to hear it. Or at least see more of those shoes. Can't wait for tomorrow's post!

  7. Looks like an amazing trip! It is so nice to just get away sometimes. I am heading off for a 1.5 week lake trip on Saturday and cannot wait.

  8. Sounds like an awesome trip! I want to take a road trip to BC sometime! I bet its good to be back, its always nice to be away for awhile and return to your own home :)

  9. You're making my heart ache for Alaska/Canada. Why, oh why, was I born in the southern 48?

  10. those flippers/shoes/whatever.... so amazing! where can i get a pair?!